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Another sick cat,,,,,

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Hi, Late yesturday our big kitty panther started to cough alot, came on real suddenly. He went to the vet this afternoon and it looks like he also has a upper respritory infection and he is on clavamox. Now I feel bad because I wonder if he got it from tuffy. Tuffy has been in the house along time now so I would have thought the others would have gotten sick long before now. The vet told me not to feel bad and panther might have got sick even if tuffy wasn't here. I hope we don't have to go through this with all the cats.
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Awwww...poor Panther! I get URI's in my household once in a while and it just shows up, goes thru the cats and is usually gone in a month. When you have a lot of cats, you either need to recognize when it gets to a point when you need meds (most URI's are virus based and meds won't help them), or get a good enough relationship with your vet to get prescriptions without a visit.

I hope it doesn't hit your other cats and if it does, it works thru the house quickly.
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His temp was up so she gave him clavamox. He was chewing on the stem of a pumpkin right before he started the cough so thats why I called the vet, I didn't know if that had to do anything with him getting sick.
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one thing about a multi cat household is when you get a URI it usually works its way through the house Just like a cold with humans. when I had just the four i had a work through once,i am now up to 14 and it worked through. I am sure it will next year as well. my vet is good enough to let me order it through 1800petmeds, they see what i have marked off and know its for a URI
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In a different tread someone said to use some grapefruit seed extract in there food and water, with there cats it helped alot to get them well. Sorry I forgot who told me that but I am going to try some of it. Tom
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Panther seems to be bouncing back real fast from whatever he had, I was worried that he would get like tuffy was when I first brought him home. Poor Tuffy on the other hand is still sneezing up junk and coughing alot and his breathing is noisey [sp] again, not labored just noisey. It doesn't seem to slow him down much and some days are worse than others. I don't know what else can be done for him without spending large sums of money and I don't know if money was no object if anything more could be done for him. Maybe he is going to always have troubles from being so sick.
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Grape Fruit Seed extra is a good immune system booster. along with the antibotics it helps bolster from what I have seen.
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Tuffy still the same, poor guy, Panther good as new, but now Angel and Rusty both have the cough so I guess its going to get them all.
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I wish you the best getting through this.
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Poor Panther. I hope he is better soooon!
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Tom W I am sorry you are going through this with your kitties, but its going to pass through within a couple weeks so just bear with it, keep your kitties comfty and happy,and give them high quality food. I would also suggest buying ( or turn on if you already have one) a humidifier or vaporizer, it helps the kitties just like us when we have a cold. Good luck and let us know how they are doing.
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