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Time zones

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I'm in the UK, and about to go to bed as it's 12.45am. But I see there's loads of you on line, so just out of interest, what time is it with you?
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6:56 p.m. Central Daylight Time
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Crikey it's 12.57.a.m now in the UK!, i'm off to hit the hay!
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I know. it's bed time, night night all.
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UK here aswell
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Good night, you guys, sleep well!

8:07 here!
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It is 6:35pm here in California right now.
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It's 3:45PM Saturday afternoon here in sunny Wellington!
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10:45 pm.....Party Time!!!
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12.50pm Saturday afternoon here in Sydney, Australia! We are 10 hours ahead of you guys in the UK!!
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And on the Wet Coast it's 10:44 pm.
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West coaster here and it is 1:48am..... yawn
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it's 9.55am now, and I'm up again. It's raining, and miserable, so I thought I'd cheer myself up surfing the old web for a bit.
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Good morning everyone! It's 4:57am here!
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Good morning, everyone!

The weather is pretty mild up here in the Land of Manc today! Not sure what i'll get up to - maybe shopping for my SS!
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It's about 2:12am here in California.
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5:05 pm Saturday
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1:33 p.m. Saturday here.
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