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Chubby Kitten

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My kitten is getting chubby. He's about 7 months old and 9.5 lbs. My other kitten is 5 months and 5 pounds and is on the thin side. My vet told me that I need to keep an eye on my older kitten's weight since he's getting so plump. Both of them are on nutro kitten food and my older kitten hates all wet food (I've tried them all including baby food). My question is: Should I keep them both on kitten food until they're a year old or go ahead and switch to an indoor/weight control formula for my older kitten? I heard it was important to keep them on kitten food for the first year, but I don't want my kitty's weight getting out of control.
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As it's so hard to get them to lose weight once they get too fat, I think I would start the chubby one on some adult food already. Not completely adult food, just mix in some and keep the other kitty on kitten food.
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I would rather you run it by your vet to be sure he or she feels this would be okay, but I agree, I'd ask about mixing weight control with the kitten (nutro natural choice has a good wt. management food).
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My Vet recommends keeping them on kitten food until 10-11 months when you can start switching over to adult food.
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