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injection site reaction? Vaccine Associated Sarcoma?

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hello, all.

I had my cat vaccinated about a week ago. last night, I noticed this peanut-sized growth in the approximate locaiton of the injection site. I began poking and squeezing it, to see if it hurt at all. it didn't. the cat isn't licking it or paying any attention to it.

I just called my vet's office, and they said the kitty is having an "injection site reaction," rare, but it happens. they said to monitor the lump for the next month and call if there are any changes -- oozing, losing fur, painful, etc.

I live on the internet, so I started poking around and found out about something called Vaccine Associated Sarcoma -- cancer that results from these injection site reactions!

does anyone have any experience in dealing with this? should I be bringing the cat in, instead of just monitoring him at home for the next month?

should they be doing a biopsy now, or am I jumping the gun?

Thanks so much.

-- Michele and kitty "Fatty."
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I havent personally experienced,but my vet always tells me to pay attension to the spot where the vaccination is made...because there is a chance that tumors may grow...

she has always told me if this happens that my kit needs to come back to the vet immediatly...so it surprises me that your vet told you "not to worry about it" I would suggest a second opinion.....

I hope everything is alright
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Molly had this reaction once. They did have me go back in to look at it, then had me monitor it to make sure it went down. It eventually did. After that, the doctor cut back on shots for her.
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I remember one of the things they checked was to see if it moved easily or if it felt like it was attached to something.
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A tumor takes time to grow. Your cat has a swelling due to the injection. It's not the same as a tumor. The swelling should go down soon.
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Hi--Yes, occasionally a cat can develop a particular kind of cancer (sarcoma) at the site of a vaccine injection--vets will usually tell you after your cat's vaccinations to keep an eye on the injection site just in case...also like your vet said it could be a much more benign reaction. I don't really know what to tell you...maybe get a second opinion?? Just because I wouldn't want to take any chances or waste precious time JUST IN CASE it's anything serious. (Which it may not be, not trying to scare you!) I think with my Amber I'm overly cautious but hey...I'm a besotted mama, what can I say?? I think I have heard that the injection-site cancer reaction is quite rare. Anyway--I am thinking of you and your kitty and hoping that everything will be just fine! Good luck!
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Where is the lump on your kitty? I always have our vet give inoculations in the leg, in case there is a problem.
It should be OK but you are wise to keep an eye on it. Keep us updated.
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hi, again. the lump is above his right hind leg, where the vet gave him the rabies vaccine. she gave him another vaccine on the other side (distemper?), but there's no reaction there...
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I think that most inoculations are given in cat's legs now, so that if they develop a cancer, amputation could be a life saving option.
I am quite sure that the lump will go away. Just watch it closely.
If the Rabies vac is not required by law in your area, discuss with your vet, the possibility of not giving it again.
Keep us updated. Thanks
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It is not uncommon for the area to swell. My YY's (who is now a year old) had a swelling for about a week and a half - 2 weeks post her spay surgery. Given my profession, sarcoma or something of its ilk was the first thought that entered my mind!!!! However, I need not have worried - this is not all that unusual. I woujld worry only if it is still there a month later and even then it is often just a benign a vaccine reaction. I say that though as someone who worries when my cat sneezes so I know how you feel!! It's prob nothing but I would carefully monitor it. (as I am sure you will,
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