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The life of Simba

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Good day all~

It's unfortuate that my first thread on these forums has to be in this forum : . Yesterday my cat of 9 years, Simba, was put to sleep. Simba was my very first pet that I've had, and what a pal he was. If you don't mind, I'd like to share my story of Simba.

My sister (20 at the time) and I (9 at the time) coaxed our parents into getting a pet. This would be my first pet, and my sister's second. As I got off the bus from my fourth grade school day, I entered the house to find our new kitten, Simba. This was in 1996.

Simba never really cared for me much when we first got him. This was mainly because, unknowingly, I would antagonize him. However, he used to adore my sister. He would always sleep with her on her bed. Literally lay on the kitchen table when she would snack. They were very close. My sister moved out when she was 25, in 2001. From then on it was just me and Simba. By that time, I was around 14, and treated him how he should be treated. However there were still a few moments when I would "wild him up". Eventually, since it was just him and I, we really started to bond.

In 2001, he became sick. Anytime he would eat, a few hours later, he would vomit all of the food back onto the floor. This went on for a few days straight; we knew he had to go to the vet. He never liked the vet. He would growl, hiss, and even bark at other dogs! He also never liked being examined, therefore they always had to sedate him in order to do their examination. Once the X-rays were observed, the vet told us that he had a quarter stuck in his intestines! We were speechless. A Phone call later, and $1,000+, from my parents, he under went surgery. We got the call that night that he was fine, and it was actually a dime that he swallowed. How, we're not sure, but he did. He came home the next day (Saturday) and was completely bald except for his neck/head, and around his paws.

Ever since soming back from the first surgery, he was much calmer. Since that day, him and I grew a much stronger bond. He knew the time I'd get home from school and wait on the top step. He would sleep in my computer chair and even on my desk. He would wait for me in the hallway to awake in the morning and even when me and my dad would watch TV in our entertainment room, he'd jump up on the couch, I'd pet him, and he'd watch movies with us.

About 2 weeks ago, when I would pet him, I noticed a "bump", or a mass on his right side. My parents tried to feel it, but they could not. However, one morning my dad did. I was concerned. 4 years later (I'm now 18, in college), it was like Deja Vu. He started vomiting all of his food up on the floor again. 3 days past, and once again, we knew he had to go to the vet. Unfortunatey I could not go as I had classes that day. As soon as classes ended, I called my parents, and asked how he was. I was told the vet said he's "fine". I rushed home to see him. When I got in, once again, he was on the steps waiting. I petted him, kissed him, etc. He remained on the steps for almost the entire day/night. The vet told my parents that he had an abundant amount of hairballs in his stomach, so he gave him hairball medicine/food from Iams, and said that's would clear him up, he also felt that mass on his side and explained it was nothing to worry about.

The follwing days afterward, he was still vomiting everything. When we called the vet back, our vet wasn't on, but the vet who did the surgery in '01 explained we need to bring him in. Yesterday morning I put him in the carrier and we bring him in. When I got home from my classes I learned that he had a massive mass between his bladder and stomach/intestines, which was wrapped around his digestive track, thus causing him not to digest the food. Yes, this was the same mass I felt, and the same mass the other vet said was "nothing". The vet explained they could to surgery and try to remove it, send it to the lab, however if it came back malignant, they would be forced to put him to sleep. Our parents as well as the vet felt best not to put him through all that suffering, and to put him to sleep without the surgery.

We visited Simba at the vet's last night for the last time. Unfortunately, he was even hissing at my sister and myself. He simply hated being at the vet's office. I felt so terrible that they were going to put him to sleep and he wasn't even happy, but rather scared/angry. A day later, I'm lost without him. I came home from classes today, he wasn't their waiting on the step for me. I looked at my bed, he wasn't there laying under my covers. I went to my desk from where I'm typing this and he was not on my chair, or on the desk. He's gone.

I originally didn't think it would be this hard. He's just a cat right? Wrong, he was more than just a cat; he was one of my best friend, if not only my true best friend. I miss him so much . . . the house, and myself feel so . . . empty.

He may sound like a mean cat due to all of his growling/hissing, however at home, he wouldn't even consider doing that. I'll always remember Simba for his personality. There is not one single cat out there that could replace him, or even be close to his personality. From chasing the light of a flashlight, to slapping me in the head when I'd walk downstairs, signaling he wanted to play, and finally for always being there. Though, he had a "CAUTION" sticker on the cage he was put in, and on his medical chart, however, when home, he had one of the best personalities. No other cat could replace my pal, Simba.

Well, that's my story. Sorry for it being so long, but I just needed to share Simba's life. Nine years is a pretty short life for a cat, however at least I was blessed to have him for that long. He will always be remembered.

Rest in Peace Simby, and please, have fun with the other animals across the rainbow bridge; hopefully one day, we'll be together again.

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Oh, I am so sorry for your loss of Simba, but the life you two had together sounds wonderful, full of love, and play....My thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time..
RIP sweet Simba..
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I'm very sorry to hear of Simba's loss. Cats are to many of us our very best friends if not our furry children. Your pain is understood and felt by all of us cat lovers..thank you for sharing the story of his life with us.

RIP sweet healthy and happy at the Rainbow Bridge furbaby.
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Thank you guys. I appreciate it.

Here's an image of my bud:

Thank you again, it means a lot.
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Thank you for sharing your Simba`s story...and your heart with us.
I`m so very sorry for your loss. It is always heard to lose a friend, is`nt it?
My heart goes out to you and I`ll be praying that God will ease your pain.
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***hugs*** I am praying for you. These little angels are our best friends. They love us unconditionally and make our lives richer and fuller.
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I'm So very sorry Rest assured that Simba is now well over the bridge with a full and healthy life again
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I'm so very sorry you lost your dearest friend. Simba is so beautiful! He knows how very much you love him and that you cared for him so much you put his feelings ahead of your own, not wanting him to suffer even one more day with the terrible mass that had invaded his body. Precious Simba, you are sorely missed. We know you are now so happy and healthy in Heaven.
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I cannot thank you all enough for the kind words and prayers. Both Simba and I thank you whole-heartedly.
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Originally Posted by Jnick

I originally didn't think it would be this hard. He's just a cat right? Wrong, he was more than just a cat; he was one of my best friend, if not only my true best friend. I miss him so much . . . the house, and myself feel so . . . empty.
Thank you for telling us so much about Simba. How hard it must be to lose a pet you have had for half of your life. Condolences on his loss. Rest in peace, dear Simba!
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I sit here, on the other side of the world, and I weep for you. I weep for the loss of a best friend.

Thankyou for sharing Simba's life with us. It is never easy to loose a best friend, but you did the right thing. You put Simba's life & happiness ahead of your own and made the most unselfish decision that any of us could make. Simba will be thankful to you for being so strong for him

I am very partial to black kitties, but Simba sure is a beauty!! Remember the happy times. Remember him chasing the light of a flashlight or slapping you in the head Those were the moments when he was no doubt truely truely happy.

RIP sweetheart, play happily the bridge little one - you will be deeply missed
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It is about the worst thing that can happen to any of us on this site. I am so sorry for you, and I hope that one day you willbe able to look back without tears and remember all the good times only.
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I'm so sorry for your loss! I too got a kitten when I was in the 4th grade and Alfred was with me for 15 years up to this past weekend when I had to put him to sleep as well. Now that I think about it he's not just a best friend, but more of a little brother. Heck, he's been with me for 2/3 of my life. Every time I open the front door I'm still looking for him to greet me and when I sit down my first instinct is to look around to see if he's after my lap. I've always left my door open a crack at night so he can come and go as he pleases, and every time I see a bundled up orange towel out of the corner of my eye I think it's him. For a long time every time I went to my mom's house I'd be glancing around for Alfred even though I knew he was living with me. I've been away from Alfred for extended periods before while I'm at school but it's hard to change habits I've had my whole life.

I also terrorized my cat a bit when I was small. My mom explained to me when we got him that the cat was not a toy, but it's just so tempting sometimes, you know? I know it was hard but you definitely did the right thing, especially if the vet was encouraging it as well. Imagine if you put him through the surgery and it didn't help at all? That would just be horrible! I'm sorry his final day wasn't better for him, that must be very hard for you. At least it doesn't sound like he was in any pain, and if he was it's good that you ended it quickly.

Rest well, Simba.
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Bless your heart. There are lots of us here that understand truly how you feel, having experienced it ourselves. Believe me, we know and feel that Simba was not just a cat.
He was a very intimate part of your life. Hugs and prayers to you. Simba was a blessed cat. He knows how much he was loved by his family. I think he just had the type of personality that goes with being a black cat. My black tuxedo cat, Max, whom I lost in July, had a spectacular personality too. Rest in peace sweet Simba. We cry for your family, but we rejoice that you are no longer in pain. You were loved.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I also lost my black kitty this year - I know the pain you are feeling. You are very much in my thoughts.
RIP Simba
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I send hugs to you. I am so sorry for your loss.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Remember all the happy times!
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