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Broken paw??

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My son just called.
Him and his girlfriend adopted a tiny kitten that had been trapped in a wall.

Anyway, the little one is sooo cute. She has a lazy eye.

She is acting like she broke her wrist or something in her paw.
She is normally VERY active and has been laying on a pillow for the last 2 days. My son says she shakes real bad for a minute when she lays down and when she does get up she definitely favors that one paw, or cannot put pressure on it.


They dont have money to take her to the vet if there is something we can do for her that the vet will do the same.
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I really think this baby NEEDS to see a vet, not just for the paw but to ensure it doesn't have worms/fleas and is in relatively good health. The paw is definitely an issue.

Is there some way they can work out a payment plan with one of the local vets?

Do whatever you can to get this baby the help it needs, please.
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Most vet will work with you on the payment.

Does she let you touch the paw? is it swelling? and does she shake any other time?

You NEED to at the least call a vet and explain the problem.

Good luck I hope she gets better
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I went by to see her and she is doing a little better.
I gently lifted her leg to see it and she was fine with that.

They are going to take her to the vet in the morning to make sure she is ok.
Our vet only sees patients until noon on fridays, then saturday mornings.

She was up walking so I am not as concerned as I was earlier.
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That's good news. I hope she doesn't have a broken paw and that it's just a bruise.
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