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2nd bit of news!

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Well, I finally met a lady... hang on before you get excited folks... theres a catch.. Shes everything to me. Shes got beautiful lines, stunning shapes, great vision, great looks and i decided that i had to do something positive - so she and I are gonna get to know each other over the next few months very well....

...and before you all get excited - my happiness and peace aint with a real female- not ready yet - she - is a 22 meter wing span full size glider with a T tail. I decided that I wanted to put a foot forward finally and do something I wanted for a long time, so I start this weekend albeing well, on my glider pilot license - weather permitting of course!

Did two flights last weekend - first to get me in the feel; problem was that the feel for me is too natural and i was taking this glider for trips over the countryside with my instructor on my first lesson. 2nd trip was to learn a bit more. Have joined the gliding club and it is the first positive thing have done for myself this year.

Once i get licensed, then I have a goal, to take my sunbeam up with me. Cant imagine how proud I will be.

Oh- in a few weeks, if you hear a shouting of joy noise in the world - it will be the screams of me when I go solo!

Sorry about the lack of a real female - my lady is 22 meters and gives me some mental peace.

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Hey you go Kev! And have a wonderful time....there ain`t notin like flyin!!!!
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First I was thinking you had adopted a kitty! Wow, flying-that sounds very fun. Enjoy yourself, Kevin!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
First I was thinking you had adopted a kitty! Wow, flying-that sounds very fun. Enjoy yourself, Kevin!
Thats a big Kitty with 22 meter wings!!!!
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Way to go Kev!!, there is nothing more exciting in this world than flying!!. I myself am a pilot although I've never flown a glider..I hear it is a very peaceful pastime. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
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Man that sound like a lot of fun Enjoy!!!!!!
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What a great thing to do. It will give you new challenges and lots of fun.
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Cool! WTG Kev!
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go Kev
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It is nice to see you doing something for yourself that gives you some pleasure. One day at a time.
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Originally Posted by Deb25
It is nice to see you doing something for yourself that gives you some pleasure. One day at a time.
Thats the truest words I have learned - one day at a time....
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GOOD FOR YOU.........Wow that sounds really great!!!! Glad to read that you are doing something that you always wanted to do. I hope you meet many fun people in the gliding club. Can you take pictures too?? (when you get better gliding first!!)
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Well done You!! That sounds like sooooo much fun! I always wanted to try gliding, but I don't think I'm quite brave enough for it Please please please take and post piccies!
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Well, all I got today was 2.5 hours of briefings, followed by three lectures on what to do if the cable goes slack cause the winchman goofed or snapped cable on launch etc. Stuff you cant practice on the ground and hope to never practice in the air, all theory.
Only had 1 flight tho, weather has been foul. we were strapped in, began the initial pull when the winch man pulls all out, we got to less than 200 feet when we lost all speed (we were at 50knots). With that, we lost all climb, momentum and airspeed. The instructor released the tow cable, nose pointed down and we carried out a perfect emergency landing with runway to spare.
Did not even bend her! So, all had learnt that morning in case would never happen, happened, albeit with the instructor carry out all the moves. I watched, looked at and talked way through it all with him, checking sky was clear, nose down, get airspeed back up and air brakes then on and we rolled out straight as a die. Followed by half the airfield in cars, trucks the lot as emergencies you dont get that often. Just undid the harness, popped the canopy, climbed out with the inst, took off the parachute, then closed the canopy and we walked and pushed the glider off the runway.
No panic at all from either of us. Not even a bead of sweat. My instructor must have been watching me as commented to the chief flying officer that I had not closed my eyes, not panicked, half talked what was happening and all I had said was correct.
Put the glider away then in the hanger, went into the club house and the CFI bought me a pint and told me I was "allright" for not panicking and getting on with the emergency.
So, one flight, one emergency, shed load of lectures, 2 exams passed at 100 per cent. Even tho did not fly much, awesome day!
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ooooo sounds like you're a natural born flyer! If you weren't you, you'd be one hell of a bird!! fabulous news on the exams Kev!
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