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Pregnant kitty's symptoms

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Hi, my name is Nikki and I was just wondering if anyone knows how you can tell how far along your cat is in it's pregnancy.
My cat, Friendly, is at least 3 weeks along but I'm still not sure when the babies are due. Since she has the habit of sneaking outside I would like to know when I should double my security on the doors to make sure she can't leave. I do not want the babies to be born outside and risk being killed or harmed. Of course, the best course of action would be to take her to the vet but being as she was originally a stray, I was not prepared to have the money at this point in time.
I know that she is very, very plump...that being an understatement, her nipples have become noticibly enlarged(which is how I know she's at least 3 weeks along), and the babies inside are very restless. They move around a lot but mostly when I rub her tummy.
Based upon this information(especially the babies activeness), can any of you tell me how far along she is or if she is close to the birth by a week or two?
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Gestation for a cat is 63-65 days as far as I know.

Please be sure once she delivers and the kittens are weaned that you have her spayed ASAP. This is so important, do not delay.

Hope your kittens all arrive safe and sound.:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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Generally three weeks.. 21 days, all you will be able to notice is that her nipples will be alittle fuller and pinkish... commonly referred to as "pinking up". If you see that, then 3 weeks is about right, give or take. After that, the only real way to tell for sure is to see a vet, and even then you would have to have an xray to get the exact age.

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Well, having taken in three pregnant strays in my lifetime (two in the last seven years) I can tell you if she's to the point that you can see the kittens moving around, she's probably got less then two weeks to go. Keep her inside, it may be any day now! Oh, I just thought of this too, in the last three to five days I noticed on two of my cats that they had let their milk down - if you feel her teats and they feel really full, kind of like a firm balloon, then she is in the last week.
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First off cats do not have symptoms, symptoms are a human thing, cats have signs. Second you need to keep your kitty in at all times. Because she has been out their is no guarentee she was not exposed to a virus or bacteria that could severly disfigure or kill her babies or even her. You need to get her spayed, if you need financial help you can contact organizations such as the Mickel Bush Foundation or SPAY- USA that will cover a portion of the cost of spaying. Any time you have a pregnant cat you must have a good hunk of money set aside, if your cat were to need an emergency C-section what would you do? Even though she is "just a stray" she needs to have medical care as if she were a National Winning Persian. I highly suggest you work out something with your vet so if she does have a kitten stuck in the birth canal and is dying on the table you are not working out a plan with the vet.
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