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Buddy is Hungry all the time, Help!

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As some of you know, My 6 month old cat Buddy had Pancreatitis and went on Meds and also had to eat only Baby food Meats, and a suppliment called Nutri-Cal, because is was supposidly low fat diet to give the pancreas a time to recover. I was told that he only had to be on the baby food for 1 week, which it has been already.

I called the vet today to ask if I could put Buddy back on his Nutro and to bring him in for his recheck, but the vet isn't there until Tuesday. My poor baby is Starving.

I am giving him 2 jars of baby food at each 3x per day, and it isn't enough because it is mostly water, even when I give him a little extra. Each Jar is approx 2-4grams of fat depending on the flavor. And the fat content in the Nutri-Cal is 34%min.

Anyway, I will be taking him in for a recheck on Tuesday, but I can't take his crying for food anymore. The Vet Tech told me that I could go and pick up some low fat cat food from them, something called ID cat food, which is also 3oz cans at $1 per can and I don't know what it is. When I read the Nutro label it only has 7%min fat, but that Nutri Cal suppliment is 34%, which is suppimenting his diet since he is on the baby food.

The tech said the vet will probably let me put him back on his Nutro cat food on tuesday, but she wants me to get their food just in case. Isn't the Nuto food okay. It seems like it has less fat than the baby foods and Nutri-Cal combined. If anyone has any knowlege on this and advise it would be great. Buddy is starving and constantly crys for food, even when I give a little extra. I want to put him back on his food, I feel bad for him. He is doing fine other than that, but he does look a little on the thin side as well, and he looks like he lost weight. I don't want to wait until Tuesday to feed him properly. Every time I go near the Kitchen this past week he comes running and meowing, like is saying "please mommy can I have more". Its breaking my heart. I know some experts say that low fat, and reduced food for pancreatitis, but I even read an article saying that there is no strong evidence that this type of diet is right for cats, for dogs yes, but not cats, but this is the type of treatment that the vets give. Help!!!

By the way, he has finished his Meds as of today, and it has already been one week.
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I found out what food the Vet Tech wants me to pick up. It is Hills Science Diet I/D for cats with gastro/intesinal upset. I always hear that Science Diet is nothing special, and vets sell it for profit, and just go by what the manufacturer says. Is it really better to give this to Buddy right now instead of Nutro?
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What exactly did the vet tell you? Did he ask you to come back for recheck before feeding him Nutro? Or did he okay Nutro after one week of baby food with/without the return checkup?
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I have to put in a good word for Hill's Science Diet (and I promise they ain't paying me to advertise!!) It's a truly excellent food for cats and of course I can't tell you what to do, BUT--if it were my kitty, I would do as the vet tech suggests and get the Hill's Science Diet and try giving it to the poor hungry baby and see if he doesn't like it. My cat Malkin (RIP) never could find a food he liked and stuck with until my vet suggested Hill's--I bought some and Malkin absolutely LOVED it and ate it with great pleasure (and good health!) for the rest of his life. I bet your kitty will love it too--what's the harm of at least trying it?!
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Pancreatitis in cats is very difficult to manage. Getting them through bouts of it can be very exhausting. They aren't sure if food really plays a huge roll in helping, but it has helped some cats. Some vets use the ID, but most use WD as it has more fiber and less fat then ID. The fat is the biggest issue.
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I went in and picked up the cat food. I don't go in until tuesday since the vet is on vacation, so at this point I am going by what the Vet tech says. I have no problem giving it to him, I just want him to have some food, he has a never ending hunger. There is not much difference though in the specs between foods. I just wish there was more information on treating a cat with Pancreatitis. I have only read 2 articles, one that said no reducing of diet and the other saying to change the diet. Everything was all mumbo jumbo english that only a doctor can understand the language. If anyone knows of any links that can make me understand more about Feline Pancreatitis, it would be great. I like to research, know and understand everything that is going on with Buddy. Thanks Again!!!!!
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Please remember that we are all thinking about and praying for you and sweet little Buddy. I do so hope he will be okay, bless his heart!! And you are a wonderful, loving furparent--I know little Buddy loves you very very much--please give him a BIG cuddle from me!
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Poor hungry baby! I hope the new food satisfies his empty little belly. That must be so hard to watch your baby crying for food. I hope the checkup turns out to be good news.
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I am glad you followed the vet tech's suggestion. I may not recommend Hills Science diet when someone asks me for recommendations, but I have always said that their prescription foods even if I don't like the ingredients work very well

Hope now Buddy won't be feeling so hungry, and I'm glad it sounds like he is recovering well.
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The vet told me to only feed 2 cans per day, they are 5.5 oz per can. I am splitting it into 4 meals. The vet told me at first 1 can, but I asked him if it was too little since he is a kitten still, so he said okay to 2 cans per day, then he will re-evalute when I come in on Tuesday. But Buddy still crys for food alot. Its not as bad as it was when I was giving the baby food though. I think maybe he just needs to get used to it for now. The funny thing is though, The I/D food is supposidly lower in fat, but when I open the can, it has a layer of white fat around the edge
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I'm not a big fan of SD either - we used it for a few years but can only say happy things about the prescription food
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Well I just gave Buddy his last meal about an hour ago, he had a total of 2 cans today, but still doesn't seem satisfied, he still keeps chasing me for more food. I feel bad, and it does get a little frustrating too. I think maybe he just needs to regulate himself or something. Its just right now everytime he see's me, he doesn't want to cuddle or play, he just begs for more food. I try to keep him entertained, I even went and brought a laser pointer today for him, and he showed no interest, he just meowed at me and ran to the kitchen, like he was saying, "so are you going to give me more or what?"
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Is there any merit to splitting the meals into smaller, more frequent portions? My cat had an intestinal blockage and they had to completely remove a portion of her intestine. It's not the same thing, but I was asked to feed a low fat diet as well. The icky part is that I was supposed to feed 1 Tbsp food every two hours. At first I actually fed 1 Tbsp baby food and 1 Tbsp lowfat plain yogurt every 2 hours. Then I moved onto nonfat chicken broth and 1 Tbsp dry kitten food mixed as a mush every 2 hours.

Sorry, that got long. The point was - do you think your cat would appreciate smaller, more frequent meals? Poor baby. I'll think of him, give him some kisses.
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