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persian-cats.com GONE????

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Unless I have totally got the link wrong - I can NOT get the persian-cats site to come up anymore. It says it's gone.

Any other people having this problem???
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How long have you been trying? I've not been to the site, but I tried it, and the way it's acting I'd say the server is down.

Okay, I tracked it down to the webhosting company that hosts the site, according to them:

2005-10-21 09:02:24 - There is currently an outage at WestHost that may or may not affect your web site. We are aware of the outage and are working very hard to correct the problem. Please read the below information carefully to see if the technical difficulties that you are experiencing may be a result of the current outage:

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So did they get hacked into?

I sure hope they are back online soon. I love that site for Persians.
Oh and I've been trying for days now...probably for about a week...but not sure about that as one day is the same as the next to me.
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I've visited this site for years. Keep checking, I'm sure it will be OK!
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It's back! Go check it out!
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