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Careful... Cuteness Overload Ahead!

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My 4yr old was laying in my bed watching cartoons this morning and when I walked around the corner, this is what I found... It was TOO cute to pass up!

And since Halloween is right around the corner, he has his little pumpkin to show off too!
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Ohhhhh...what sweet pictures! Thanks you for sharing them with us!
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Thanks for the warning - adorable pictures!
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Awwwwwww what a cute picture..Thanks for sharing
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That is so very very cute! (good thing for the cuteness warning!)
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aaaaawwwwww! Bless!!
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Awww, what an adorable picture!
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That first one is just too precious!
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As the mother of another little boy, I understand how special a moment like that is. Very cute!
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It just melted my heart. Believe it or not, Tiger went in and cuddled with Deacon on his own. They are both cuddle bunnys!
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Cats & Kids! Precious!
My 12 year old son still snuggles with Mac.
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Things like this he will remember for the rest of his life - It is so important that kids grow up around animals, I think it makes us all better people!! And then he will have cats of his own and come on forums like this!!

Gorgeous shot!!
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