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Send vibes to Cleo

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Hey guys, not sure if this is the place to put this but........

One of the cats Cleo is not doing to well........she has stopped eating, drinking and going to the bathroom. took her to vets Wed for xrays and blood work..Nothing As of thurs noon no improvement so took her to the vets for an over-night stay. Talked to the vet this morning and he seem hopeful.

So, Please send the vibes to her. She is in need of all the help she can get.

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I'll move this to the Health forum for you, but i hope all goes well
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My prayers to her...
I hope she felt good soon!
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Sending healing vibes to your kitty.. Hope she gets better soon..
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Sending you healing vibes. I have been there where a dear one stops eating and there is nothing in the tests to help. It is so frustrating. Good luck.
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Poor Cleo. I really hope the vet can figure out what to do. Let us know.
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Our thoughts and prayers going out to you and Cleo. Let's hope the vet can determine what the problem is and work on getting her better really soon.
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Good vibes, thoughts and prayers going out to Cleo. You can beat this! Get better real soon!
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Lots of thoughts and prayers being sent your way...
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Poor kitty i hope she pulls through!!! sending lots of good vibes and kitty love.
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I am sending lots of healing vibes and prayers out for your little Cleo. I hope that soon she'll be much, much better--it's encouraging that your vet feels hopeful about her. Get well soon, little Cleo!
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Poor Cleo Sending lots of good vibes her way Hope she's feeling better real soon.
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Poor Cleo, hope she starts getting better soon!
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Major healthy vibes coming Cleo's way.
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Prayers going out for Cleo.
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Just wanted to let everybody Know that she is doing much better

Thanks all for your great vibes
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I`m praying for Cleo ....please keep us informed here at TCS.
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So she's eating and drinking again? That is really good.
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Originally Posted by katachtig
So she's eating and drinking again? That is really good.
The vet started her on this med that makes her want to eat more and it seems to be working. She is still not herself but I am sure that will come in time. I am just glad that when she eats it goes the full journey till we have to scoop
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