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Biting kitten

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Hi there,
Well just over night my Terry Fox decided he was a biter! He especially like to bite and paw at my belt while it's still attached to me and my pants (ouch).
I went to the pet shop to try and find something that was small enough for him but big enough to be safe to chew on. I couldn't find anything in the kitty section so I chances it in the puppy section and got him those raw hide sticks. I was just wondering if there is anything else I should consider and are these sticks okay for him?
He is about 11 weeks old if this makes a diffrence.
He really seems to enjoy chewing on it and throwing it around I just want to make sure it isn't going to harm him.

Mel and Terry Fox
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He's doing what only kittens do really and he will grow out of it eventually.

I would invest in one of these that Sophie's playing with which is a cat dancer and that will help stop him biting

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He is probably teething. IMO I`d think the rawhide sticks would be fine for him to chew on, as long as they are big enough not to get stuck in his throat. (That , or you could just give up a chunk of your belt!) :-)
If the rawhide is not good for him, then I`m sure someone on here will know and tell you.
Pets to your baby!
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