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Cat Needs HELP in Georgia

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Hi guys. My husband and I moved into our new home a little over a month ago now and a stray cat came with it. She is a beautiful calico who we named Splotchy.

Splotchy desperately needs a new home. Our situation is somewhat urgent because of how our 7 indoor cats are responding to her. When they see Splotchy through the window they get very upset and act out on each other, even drawing blood sometimes. Our cats are usually very comfortable and friendly with each other but when Splotchy comes around everything changes.

The humane society I am volounteering for is unable to take her because she is not adoptable to an indoor home since she does not like to be held. She let us pet her a few times and when my husband Peter picked her up once she struggled to get away and she has not let either of us near her since.

Animal Control is dropping off a trap for me today. I am willing to pay for her shots and to get her spayed and will deliver her to her new home. She would be a great outdoor cat or barn cat. The barn owner where I board my horse is thinking about taking her in, but they just had a litter of kittens born there and they already had 6 cats and now they have 9 with the addition of the kittens. Also they are all skinny and do not get a lot of attention.

If anyone can help by giving this cat a home or if you know someone who can please let me know. I am in Newnan, GA which is just south of Atlanta.

As for my cats, I have four Feliway plugins throughout the house and I spray the Feliway spray every day and it does not help with this problem at all. I can not spare our cats' wellbeing by not doing anything about Splotchy. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done SOON, preferably NOW. I would hate to bring her to the pound where I know she would be gassed (they gas at our pound) but if I can not find her a home soon I might have no other choice.

Please let me know if anyone can help!!!
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Hopeing and praying that you are able to find her that special place that she deserves.
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Well, I won't have to take her to the pound. I just spoke with the barn owner and she would be willing to take Splotchy in but I still would prefer to see her go somewhere else. Depending upon how soon I am able to catch Splotchy and how soon I can get her spayed is the amount of time she has to find a new home other than the barn...
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Maybe you could offer her to help get her kittens adopted out, so the barn won't be overwhelmed with cats. I'm glad Splotchy has a place to go!
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Glad to know that Splotchy has a safety-net at the stables, but I am praying that you find a better placement for her very soon. Perhaps you could call the Methodist church and see if they have anyone in the congregation who needs a companion cat, although it sounds like Splotchy needs some more socializing to try to become a lap cat. Are your local cat rescues able to help with Splotchy's spay costs? Also, I hope that the cats currently at the stables get neutered, too, to prevent the problem from escalating.
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I hope everything turns out for the good of Splotchy. I am glad you care what happens to her.
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