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Anybody Out There?

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Hellooooooo, anybody out there? Is it me or has the lounge been really quite today?
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something is all messed up, all posts are going to the bottom. It's a very screwy thing
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I keep looking for this thread on the first page and the last page of the forum and I still can't find it. The only way I am able to post this is because of my auto response; when people respond to a thread that I respond to I get an e-mail with a link to the thread. I clicked the link in my e-mail and Tada.... here I am posting this.
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I am here!
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it's showing up at the bottom third of page 1 for me
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This thread is in the same place (bottom third of page 1) on my computer too.

Colby--Does anyone know what's wrong and if it can be fixed?
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Found it. Whew! I thought I had lost it for a little while
The date of all the posts on this thread say the 22nd. I wonder if that is why they are showing up here.
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Lorie, I don't have a clue what's wrong, and either does Sandie. It might be a server problem. Whatever it is, it's very strange!
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Well, at least it's not just me or my ISP.

I assume it's a problem with Anne's server, whatever one she's using. Not that I'm sure or anything, just seems like the logical answer.

BTW, I am going to delete my "this is a test" thread. It's a little silly now that I know y'all have been talking about it all this time. But I'm letting you know because otherwise you might think it disappeared into the void, along with so much other stuff.

This is sure interesting . . .
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I also started a thread wondering if anyone else was having problems. Sorry, I shouldn't have duplicated except this thread was not there when I posted. Now it is though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**twilight zone music** This is weird!!!!!:tounge2:
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