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Hi from Salem Isis and Val

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Hi everyone,
Salem and Isis have expressed to me how much they like this website and that they think it would be a good idea for the world to get to see how beautiful they are. So here I am. I had orginally only wanted one kitten to go with another one I had found in my neighborhood but when I saw this brother and sister combo I couldn't resist but getting both of them!!!!! The vet said that he came in to work one morning and found this really small little box all taped up on his front step. He opened the box and there was 6 2-3 week old kittens all smushed together. By the time I heard that he had some kittens for adoption they had all been adopted except these 2. My vet said that black cats are the hardest to find homes for because people are soooooooo superstious ... NOT ME!!!!!!!!! I love black cats they are elegant and from my own experience the most laid back dsh around. Well my other kitten ended up getting really sick and I had to let him go to kitty heaven so now I only have these 2 beautiful little black kittens. They are about 7 weeks old and I have more fun watching them romp and play than anything thing else. They are learning that the coffee table and dinner table are no no's and that when mommy is watching tv she will let them walk all over her (literally). I don't know how I ever lived without cats before. My life is so complete with them in it.
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Many many welcomes to you and your new babies! I absolutely agree, such beautiful girls should be introduced at once to their many new admirers! Really, they are darling. And clearly very intelligent girls too, since they have already trained Mommy into realizing that she is to be climbed upon while watching TV! Babies that age are a riot, aren't they? They are SO much fun to watch and play with--wouldn't you love to have all that energy and enthusiasm?! Are they sleeping in bed with you at night now or are you still being trained in your new mommy duties???
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OOPS--sorry! You said brother and sister combo--my mistake, and my apologies to both your babies!!! *blush* I'm assuming that Salem is the brother and Isis is the sister? Wonderful names, esp. for black kitties (I also think black cats are vastly underrated!) Tell Salem and Isis I am sooo sorry and did not mean any disrespect regarding their respective genders!!!!
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They sleep just about anywhere they want (which is usually wherever they fall cause they play soo hard) Salem is a real mommas boy and likes to sleep ON MY HEAD!!! Isis however has attached herself to my daughter and is usually found where ever Cheyenne is. And they said they forgive you for the mix up even I have to look at their collars to make sure which one is which lol Salems is yellow and Isis is of course pink
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Yeah, another black cat lover! Welcome to the forum!
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Just ticks the c*** out of me to think anyone would drop such tiny kitten off anywhere...including at a vets!....Anhyhow, I`m glad you got them and that they doing well and enriching your life as well.
I love black cats too, even though i don`t have one right now. I had a black one named Inky when I was a kid....and she was a sweetie.
My sister had 4 from one litter years ago...and I was amazed at how freaked some people got when they saw them all at once. GEE! THEY ARE JUST CATS!
Yours are beautiful too, I might add. Thanks you for taking them in. We`ll look forward to seeing more pictures as they grow!
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WELCOME to TCS!!!!!!!
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What cuties! Welcome to the site Isis and Salem!!! I am glad to hear that you have become the apple of your mommy's eye.

If you need any help getting around the site, please click on my user name and send a private message to me.
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Welcome to TCS!!

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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hello and welcome! It's nice to meet you!!

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We would like to thank you all for the warm welcomes . Meowmy is so thankful that we talked her into joining this site . She has been learning all kinds of tips and tricks to keep us healthy and inline (although we both agree that the water bottle has to GO !) It has been a rough couple of weeks since we lost our precious Hobo we all miss him dearly . Meowmy has been a real trooper keeping her head up and lavishing us with toys and lots of loving . She has made it easier for us to deal with losing him also. Well we think it is time for us to take a nice long nap..... OOOOOOO wait we think meowmy just sat down to watch tv !!! .....
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So sorry to hear about your sweet Hobo--RIP, Hobo, and know that your family loves and misses you, little one.....You go, Salem and Isis (and thanx for forgiving my mix-up--I DO know the difference between girl and boy kitties!! ) You're doing GREAT at training Meowmy--she's learning fast that KITTIES RULE!!!
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message or contact me anytime at!

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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Nice to meet you. What great names!
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Welcome to the forum! I'm a newbie as well (I'd better get my getting-to-know-you post up soon, huh? ) and already these forums and all the wonderful people here have been so very helpful!

I'm so sorry about your little Hobo.

Thank you for introducing us to Isis and Salem...they sound like they keep their meowmy busy...and happy!

Black cat anecdote: Years ago I went to this huge, ~wonderful~ used book store owned by an elderly couple. Roaming throughout the store were gorgeous, sleek black cat(s). I assumed there was more than one, but never could tell if I kept running into the same cat or if there were multiples around the store. I'd be looking on a bookshelf and get the feeling I was being watched, maybe look up, and there would be the black cat just languidly watching me. The cat(s) were one of the reasons I loved going there.

Fast forward about 7 years...this same bookstore is still in business but in a different location and now owned by a woman. (I assumed she bought the business.) My mother was visiting this week and going to used bookstores is one of most favorite things to do so I took her there.

While I was browsing, I happened to see a black cat stroll past, so I HAD to ask...I went to the new store owner and asked if (a) there was more than one cat and (b) was this the same cat(s) that was at the store when the other people owned it. I was told there were two cats - brothers - and they were the same cats from the original store!

I think that is so cool that the 2 black cats are part of the history of that store!

Czari - owned by Kali
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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Originally Posted by Czari
I was told there were two cats - brothers - and they were the same cats from the original store!

I think that is so cool that the 2 black cats are part of the history of that store!

Czari - owned by Kali
Thanks for the welcome and yourself. here is a picture of my little HOBO one day when I can stand it i will tell you all how he got his name.

I loved the story you shared with us that is so neat. Again welcome to the site hope you enjoy it as much as I have . Yes im addicted lol
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Hi there - we're so happy to welcome you, Salem and Isis to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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