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funny storys from :ted brogans vault

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ted brogan, storys

Story 1

The Air Filter: Thus Dusty
Story & art by: Ted Brogan

well, last night was weird.

I was sniffing around the house... looking for something fun to do... and like well I was bored from a hard days work at the law firm..watching tv wasn't doin it for me... so I looked around for something fun to do...

Title:Me On Chair; by Ted Brogan

so anyways Lis and her dad (deed) were watching family guy.. cause that show is so funny.. anyways me being Ted Brogan and always looking for fun tihngs to do.. found myself trapped somewheres.. so I began to meow.. when lis and her deed were talking..

Title:Me stuck somewheres; By Ted Brogan

so anyways Lis looked and looked for me.. she was even talking to her dad, asking him maybe Ted Brogan got stuck in the couch, because it pulls out into a bed. my meows sounded like they were coming from the couch, but thats not where I was..

Title:Me in the ac filter vent.. um thingie; By Ted Brogan

so Lis, looked at the vent.. and was like.. theres no way Ted Brogan can be in here, it's closed , the filter is perfectly in place.. she pulled back the filter and I popped out meowing like a crazy cat. apparently.. I somehow was trapped when the ac cut on sucking the filter into it's place and trapping me.

Lis was very very thankful that I didn't jump in further, because she said there is a big fan that would chop me into bits, and that would not bode well with the law firm..

--------------------the end-----------------------------

that happened one night while my dad and I were watching tv, I guess Ted opened the vent somehow and ventured in. The ac must have cut on and sucked the filter in trapping Ted, luckily for me Ted is a big baby and laid down and started meowing. I'm thankful he's not so curious! :-)

Hope you enjoyed Ted's Story. maybe he will write more.

Title: Me in my lawyer suit; by Ted Brogan
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Oh, I like your work very much. Do write more stories; the illustrations are just grand!

And if I may say so, that's a smashing suit you have on. Care to let a guy in on the name of your tailor?

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we definitely need more ted brogan stories.
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