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eek help, cat licked flea medicine

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I gave both our cats a normal bath tonight and told my sister once hers was dried..he's a yr old male to put advantage on him..since he had gotten some fleas..he SOMEHOW got his head around (flexible cat) and licked the advantage which made him foam at the mouth,, we took him to the sink and used water and a paper towel to rinse his mouth at.. we got all the saliva and ickys out but will he be ok or will that hurt him? He's had it onh im before.. I don't put any of htem on my cat because he's very allergic to most..and I can't remember if he is to advanage or not..so we were going to wait to get revolution for him (plus he somehow doesn't have fleas and the other one does..guess his revolution lasted longer ?) anyhow..will the kitty be ok? I can't call the vet until the morning but just wanted to see if anyone had any advice..after we rinsed his mouth we gave him some water..
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It shouldn't have hurt him but if he's still foaming at the mouth in the morning then I would take him to the vet.
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Give him some watered down milk or plain yogurt and he should be fine.
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thanks sorry..he stopped foaming at the mouth after he first licked it..we gave him water and helped him get it out of his mouth..poor cat first a bath then that. anyhow I didn't mean to freak out but sheesh never seen a cat foam at the mouth like that.. I'd never put frontline/hartz on either cat..and so I'm always a little nervous using any flea medicines..but since these two are indoor cats only they sometimes get fleas from the other two who do go out a bit.

I do know the other cat that got the bath is very very allergic to some of the other medicines so he only gets revolution from the vet...but all we had was advantage..also from the vet.. anyhow thank you very much..he seems fine now..a little hyper but otherwhise hopefully settling down to SLEEP.

thanks a lot
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my cat did that too. she actually seemed to like it and didnt foam.
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