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Thank You [long]

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Hi. I'm Stephy, and I am proudly owned by 9 cats.

I only started out with 1

Right now we have:

Paka, boycat, 5 years old. Adopted from the Maricopa Animal Shelter in 2002 and was the oldest cat they had (at a whopping 2'ish years old). His full name is Pakalolo and he knows he is the boss. I was bedridden during a semester in college and he chose to become a professional snuggle cat and keep me company while I was sick.

Neko, boycat, 3 years old. Given to us by my boyfriend's aunt, who found him and his two brothers abandoned outside near train tracks that housed a feral cat colony. Unfortunately, his brothers passed away when he was around 9 months old and had accidentally gotten out of the house. He was fine after we managed to trap him in a raccoon trap 3 weeks later -- a little underfed but all his tests came back ok. A week later, he got very sick, refused "cookies"... and nearly died. Ohhhh the vet bills, but so worth it for us. He is a BIG boy - not a chubby cat - just BIG.

Ash, girlcat, 1.5 years old. Given to us when Neko was outside on his jaunt by the neighborhood kids who found her in a box. She was barely 6 weeks old. Paka taught her the finer points of pottying INSIDE the litterbox, thank goodness. She recently went from petite almost 1 year old to big ol' cat - again, not fat, just a major growth spurt.

Aaaaand then we come to the "next 3" (as opposed to the "original three" listed above).

About 2 months ago, I found a momma cat and 2 older kittens under my car when I went to check on a leaking faucet on the side of my house. Odd, I thought, as the neighbor who told us about this faucet was the same one who managed to neglect her puppy to the point that we called the police... and then a few weeks later, she GAVE my roommate the puppy and signed a contract transferring ownership... and then proceeded to use her 3 year old son to get the puppy back (we still have the puppy and she's great, but this isn't the dog site, so I digress...).... anyway, this lady has a history of abandoning pets I guess. So this faucet that happens to be on the side of the house next to hers that happened to be not leaking as I'd mowed the lawn earlier in the day just magically springs a huge leak... and there are cats under my car. Hmmmmm.

Already long story short, we take them in, feed them, get them to the humane society for a checkup/vaccines and pass out flyers all in that weekend. A week goes by and MommaCat (MC) along with her kittens Brave (female) and NotSoBrave (male, aka NSB) become part of our kittyfamily. I set up MC's spay appointment at the humane society for October because unfortunately, that is the next time they have open. October 8th, to be exact.

About a month later (September, now) I notice she is getting REALLY pudgy. She's obviously pregnant - and got pregnant around the day we found her. Both my boys were neutered! Oh dear.

We decide to continue with the pregnancy though we are concerned since MC did get vaccinated soon after we found her.

Cut to October 7th and she's a little football. She, the once lovey cat now turned megabitch, becomes the snuggle monster again. I sleep in the bedroom with her and her kittening box while my boyfriend and the rest of the Ark are out in the living room.

October 8th, she starts having her litter. Four in all, but one of them seems to already have trouble on and off. He/she/it gets better and we name them, figuring their mother and older siblings have sucky names, we put thought into it.
Tenshi - Angel (he had markings on his back that looked like wings)
Shima- Stripe (she had 2 white stripes across her back)
Koshou- Pepper (he was brown and white)
Rikka- Snow (she was pure white)

Around the 10th, Tenshi starts having breathing problems. We take him to the emergency vet only to find out there is not much they can do. We bring him home and hope that things work out. He stops eating as much as the others and looks so small next to them. On the 11th, he passed away. My boyfriend held him and we set him next to MC, she gave him one last cleaning. We brought him back up to the emergency vet and had him cremated. It was really heartbreaking to lose one so soon, but I guess his name was fitting.

Everyone else seems okay and then on Tuesday I notice Shima's bottom area getting red. Fire engine red and really swollen. I immediately think it is a prolapse and go about setting up a vet appointment for Friday. Wednesday moring, I'm at work and I have my boyfriend (in between shifts at his job) check on the kittens. Shima is okay... he calls back 5 minutes later saying she's bleeding. I get permission to leave and call the vet, we get there in 10 minutes (it is between my home and work). We don't really know the vet well as we only saw him once for my dog's vaccinations. We moved to Texas for my work and unfortunately had not found a vet til I saw the clinic being built. Anyway, we take MC and her kittens to the vet and he says it is a prolapse, but in the "early stages" and gives us deworming meds. He mentions that a good client of his recently had his cats pass away and was looking for kittens... and as we hadn't found them homes, could he give this man our number? Sure.

Heeeee. I spend the rest of my "lunch break" getting deworming meds on myself, on the kittens, in the kittens, in the MC (who thought it was a treat and wanted more)... *wipes brow*

I go back to work, come home at 5:15, clean their eyes (Shima and Rikka, at 10 days old, have opened both eyes and Koshou's working on his) and I see a few liiiiiittle tapeworm corpses on the bedding. I inspect Shima's bottom and it is still red, but looking a bit better. I set her down and go back to watching them eat... then all of a sudden I notice fresh blood on MC's paw after Shima crawled over her.

I call the vet, he is with a patient... so we go back up there. He suggested we seperate MC and Shima due to her cleaning irritating the area... so we did. We had suppliments and whatnot left over from when Tenshi was ill so we put Shima in a cat carrier complete with 'Snuggle Sack' and heating pad underneath it. She cries a lot but falls asleep fast.

Right now...
We are doing supervised feedings every 3-5 hours. I am exhausted, boyfriend is exhausted but we love our kitties enough to do it. She hated the bottle and since Tenshi passed I'm really "gun shy" with it. Basically, we pop her from her cage and put her next to MC, let her nurse... stimulate her to "potty" and burp her.. then put her back. MC isn't very happy but her swelling has gone down in just the last day. If more comes out or if it gets "worse", we are to call the vet tomorrow and get her purse string sutures.

But really, the entire point of this long long story was to thank those of you who posted about things I could relate to, especially after Tenshi got sick and passed away... how to care for newborn kitties... what to do in case of prolapse... everything
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Bless you for the care and love you're giving to your cats!
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You must feel overwhelmed but thank you for caring enough to get everyone the shelter and medical care they need.

If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to help
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Thansk you for taking such good care of these babies. i`ll keep checking back for updates and praying that all goes well for all of you.
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Welcome to TCS. You are obviously a dedicated cat person, and a welcome addition. Please keep us posted on the babies' progress. We beg shamelessly for pics here, so if you have any, we would love to see your kitty family.
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Bless you for caring for all of your precious babies! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message or contact me anytime at dawnofsierra@gmail.com!

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Hi welcome to the site.
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Thanks again all
We took Shima back today, the vet said she was healing really well, removed the scab that was forming and said by next weekend she should be 100% okay. We asked him for an ointment suggestion and he packaged up the stuff he used for her. He didn't even charge us for the visit, just for the ointment!

I had my roommate drop me off from work to the vet and waited for my boyfriend. He said he watched MC clean Shima and a "lot of stuff" came out. She didn't go near the prolapse, just cleaned near her "girly parts" and she went to the bathroom like she hadn't. When he told the vet this, he said that "Momma's always do it the best" and said that it was okay to do that.

Since you all asked for pictures... here you are . All taken recently, I might add.

Thank you all, honestly, again.
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Wow, your babies are so precious!
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Oh my, what beautiful kitties and bless your heart for all you are doing for these babies!! I will think good thoughts for these adorable babies!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Hello and welcome!!!!!! You are such a good mommy for taking care of all the kitties!!!
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Hi there Stephy - we're so happy to welcome you and your fur family to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Thank you for caring for these wonderful kitties - I can't wait to hear more about them.
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