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cat with 2 tongues...

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Hi all, I am new here and thought I would start off with a contribution that I hope you can enjoy.

Saw this 2 days ago on the News and thought I would tell other cat lovers.

Cat with 2 tongues (video)



- dee

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I wonder if it causes him trouble, I thought it was kinda sad myself
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At least the kitty looks healthy
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I don't think she would have trouble with it - because sshe's never known any different I suppose it's something she'd have already learned to live with. Sure it looks wierd, but she looks really well loved and healthy Probably in the long run it would be best to remove it because form the looks of things it doesn't have any independent movement.... but other than that, she looks wonderful! Adorable little moggy!
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I saw this precious little on world news! She's polydactyl as well!
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I looove polydactyl cats - i think it's something to do with them having huge paws, makes them very kittenish
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I guess she's learnt how to live with the extra tongue... at least she's got a wonderful owner who loves her
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I agree with LilleKat. I think since it's what she's used to she doesen't have much trouble.

I also agree that polydactyl cats are very cute with there big paws. One of my friends has a very petite cat that is about the size of some large kittens, and she is polydactyl. Very cute and hillarious seeing this little cat with paws bigger then all the bigger cats!
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Almost gives her a snake-like appearance does`nt it?
I`m sure she has adjusted just fine if she has grown this well. She looks planty healthy! (Maybe she got a double dose of momma`s milk if she could manage to suckle 2 nipples at once!) :-)
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