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So sorry to hear that, but with FIP, it is the kindest thing to do, it is such an awful disease. I think with an illness like that, it is kinder to let them go sooner, rather than watch them go downhill, as that isn't fair on them as there is no cure for the awful illness. RIP Julian.
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Thank you, everyone. I haven't visited in a while because it's hard thinking about Julian.

I have a few pictures of him to share, if you guys don't mind.

This was when his stomach was starting to get big. He wasn't losing weight yet, he just had the stomach which we thought might've been worms.

He was sleeping alot an not playing like his siblings.

Feeding time. Julian is the 3rd from the left, you can tell his stomach was big there too.

I do actually have more, but I haven't gotten that camera developed. I took a few pictures of when he was really thin and bloated. He looked terrible. I'll post those maybe when I get them.

again, thanks everyone for the support.
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I'm glad you posted the photos of Julian, what a truly sweet little boy. Smudge was PTS on October 25, and I haven't been to your thread because of the switching of the servers here on TCS. I hope all your other babies are doing well. I have photos of Smudge, but it's a little hard for me to look at them yet. My daughter took him outside on his last day, and he had a nice time in the grass. Again, I'm so sorry.
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Aww, he was such a gorgeous boy. Again, so sorry, FIP is so nasty. IT is a shame they can't find a cure for it.
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what a beautiful kitten! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. currently I am experiencing a possible FIP kitten, and I already lost two kittens this year to this horrible disease. It's not fair that our vibrant sweet kittens are taken from us so soon, but just cherish the time you did have with him and he can always stay alive in your heart and mind. I still have their vet tags in my safe from Teeny and Stabby after I lost them...and I feel like if I can somehow make a difference with FIP, whether helping donate money or researching all I can, it will honor them in some way. I hope you never have to deal with FIP again. It's strange I never knew about htis disease all my life (I'm now almost 25) but we've always owned cats, and never ever had one so sick. This year has not been very good to our kitties...I can only cross my fingers that our Ginger does not have it, but I can't completely block out the possiblility.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your handsome Julian. What a gorgeous boy! I lost a kitten this summer to FIP; I sympathize with your pain. Making the decision to let my Little Man go was the hardest thing I have yet had to do...I felt like I was giving up on him, even though I had been advised by multiple vets there was nothing more I could do. And I waited until he was no longer enjoying being a kitten, so at least he had a few extra weeks to play and cuddle (his two favorite things). Last time I shared his story with someone who had lost a kitten to FIP, we took comfort in picturing the two of them together in heaven, running, playing & cuddling like they were not able to do very long in this world. I know that Julian has joined them & the 3 boys are having a fine old time. It's just those of us who loved them who are so sad. Again, my sympathy for your terrible loss.

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