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If there is anything I can do, you know how to reach me I'll be thinking of you this weekend, and on Monday.
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Eddie, it's good to hear from you. Thinking of you hun!
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Eizabeth, I didn't see this until Friday Evening. I will be praying for you through out the weekend, and I'll be praying heartily on Monday. You are such a wonderful, cheerful person, and that's half the battle, right there. Please stay in peace and tranquility and may God's Love surround you.
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E as I told you earlier, I am here anytime. You can call me or drop me a line whatever. Know that Mike and I are praying for you and for Eric as well. Are you going to smuggle a kitty into the hospital? It will make you feel better!
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Oh Eddie I'm just catching up with this and am so sorry that you're going through a scary time. Having gone through my own scary time at the beginning of the year I understand how you feel. I looked upon the surgery as a positive step and it sounds like you are too. Once that is over with, even if there is anything nasty there it will be gone. Plus, after that, you have the benefit of having been looked at and finding that either everything is ok (which I'm sure it will be) or that you are having treatment. Whereas there could be loads of people wandering around unaware of their state of health.

I'm sure it's a good sign that the kitties don't sense anything.

Please know that you have all the good vibes I can muster flooding over to you for your procedure.
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I'm just catching up with this, Eddie. How nervewracking that your surgery was postponed. You will certainly be in my thoughts this weekend and on Monday. I went through a similar scare in 2002, and all the results turned out to be negative, as I'm really hoping they will for you, too.
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love you E, and sending lots of love and headbutts to you from across the ocean
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Just catching up on my reading too. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and the results are what you are hoping they will be. Sending vibes from WI..............
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I'm just now reading this. Good luck with everything. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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On the morning that my Granddaughter was scheduled to have surgery on her brain...I was stressed out to the max.

While I was driving to the hospital, I suddenly felt a calm descend over me. I relaxed completely. I was able to trust in the power of the prayers & love that TCS members were sending.

When you start to feel stressed...focus on the love that is coming to you from all of the people here. It really works.
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Were still with you all the way E
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It's wonderful to hear from you sweetie and I'm so glad you seem to be taking it in your stride! I know you're scared, but you wouldn't honestly think it to read your messages - you obviously have the very best in medical care in your favour and yup, the board magic ain't gunna stop! Love you lots!
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You've got prayers and vibes from me and the boys!
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It's Sunday, so your nerves are probably cranking up a notch. Just wanted to remind you that you have the thoughts and prayers of everyone behind you!
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Yes . You have been in my thoughts all weekend, E!
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Elizabeth, you will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything turns out okay.
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Sleep well tonight. You remain in my prayers!
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I believe cysts are very common and are not something to be too worried about (I know, easier said than done). I myself had a fibroid removed (bigger than a grapefruit!) four years ago so I understand the concern/discomfort, but I know Eddie will be just fine. I am sending prayers Eddie's way, as well, esp. for a speedy recovery! God bless!!
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Oh E, I just found this thread. So sorry you have to go through this. I'm sending you tonnes and tonnes of vibes, and keeping you in my thoughts.
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I`ll be praying for you tomorrow Eddie! You`ve been in my thoughts and prayers all weekend too. i`ll be glad for you when this is overwith and you are feeling better!
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{{{PRAYERS}}} being sent out for Eddie. Thank you Stephanie, for letting us know about the situation....I've seen some wonderful results from the "board magic" here!
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Thinking of you today and throughout this whole ordeal, Eddie. Sending you good thoughts and wishes for a full recovery!
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With you, Eddie
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You remain in my thoughts & prayers.
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Thinking of you Eddie
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Eddie, you remain in my prayers. Hope you feel better and better each day!
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Thoughts and prayers for Eddie!!!
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I've been thinking of you all day Eddie! Much love to ya!!
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Eddie -its about evening there in Seattle, and yuo are very much in my thoughts.
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Keeping the vibes and prayers coming, E -- hope all is going well.
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