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Prayers/Vibes for Eddie (Sashacat421) please - Page 2

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Loads of healing and healthy }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way, Eddie!

I've sent my Angels to you too!
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More good vibes and prayers for you Eddie!
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Lots of vibes and prayers headed her way from here!
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Oh Eddie, you are in my every thought and prayer .

Cannot wait until you are back on your feet again to chase around the S-Crew . Looking forward to updates...
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Many prayers and vibes going her way
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Poor Eddie!

I'm sending prayers her way, and I hope that she'sin less pain, I know how cysts ache
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Saying a prayer for you Eddie!
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Oh no E I am keeping you in my prayers. You'll be back home in no time and I know that those furry babies of yours are going to take great care of you
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Eddie....I have been praying for you also. It is about 10:00am here in MI...so you are very likely in surgery even as I write.
We`ll all be waiting for an update soon.
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Eddie, I have joined this powerful chain of love & prayer for you.
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Dear Elizabeth
You know that you has my sympathy......

Many, many good vibes and a big hug to you and your family! ....Don´t give it up!!! ....

you´re in my prayers!!!
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I'm so glad I saw this...

Eddie, it's very possible you're in surgery right now as I type this. I'm sending you all the positive thoughts and prayers I possibly can and hoping for your full and complete recovery!
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You and your family are in my prayers. Praying for all good medical reports!!!!
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We're sending Eddie TONS of vibes and hugs from the Windy City!
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Almost noon here in Mi...has anyone heard anything about Eddie yet???
Continuing to pray!
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Still early for any results, I think -- it's only just after 9 here on the coast, and this is not likely a 10 minute job (so to speak). Keeping the prayers coming, Eddie! and waiting with bated breath for news of success.
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It can be a long and involved surgery. I doubt it is an outpatient procedure even these days. Eddie is likely to be in the hospital for a few days before going home. I had this scare when I was 21 years old and they took everything and told me later it was not cancer after all. I know that Eddie will find the same thing.
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OMG how did I miss this??? Eddie, you are in my thoughts, beautiful friend.

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Still praying, sending lots of love your way, Eddie. I'm sure we'll hear from you soon!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Still praying, sending lots of love your way, Eddie. I'm sure we'll hear from you soon!
Do you think she'll have Eric post a note postop for us? Hope so!
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Hi everyone, oh my goodness, I am so overwhelmed by all the good wishes and good vibes, I so heartily believe in the magic of TCS. I've got my Sasha alive to prove it. You are an angel, Stephanie, as usual.

My actual surgery is postponed. I got bumped and nope, no round-trip airline ticket to anwhere in the continental U.S., either, just have to wait now until Monday night. I did do an entire second round of testing and ultra sound and a second CA125. They postponed me due to an emergency and then over the weekend, they only hold beds for life/death situations. I will be in surgery for about 3 hrs and in anywhere from 4-7 days, depending on the biopsy results. I'm very scared, very nervous, and very determined to get whatever monster is inside of me -out. Yes, I am seeing an Oncologist and have THE best team in Seattle. Thanks also to MA who also has put many of my fears into better perspective, too, I'm so grateful.

Thank you all. I told the doctor I have 8,000 cat lovers behind me and he just laughed at that. I've got some strict orders what to do over the weekend and I just am grateful everyone cared enough to log a note, and I will need all I can get Monday night/Tuesday early. Sasha and Saba are doing fine, they don't seem to sense anything yet - maybe that's a good sign??
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You are still in my thoughts and prayers miss E !!
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I'm praying for you Eddie.
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I`m praying too Eddie......have someone keep us posted Monday night or Tuesday AM....I`ll be checking back....in the meantime...I hope you are able to have a good weekend.
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Sending prayers, eddie, for your complete recovery.
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Please include my prayers and my cats purrs to help you through the weekend and your operation next week. I hope the biopsies are are all favorable.

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You, your loving furkids & family will remain in my prayers.
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I am just now reading this, Elizabeth (Eddie). I will definitely keep you in my prayers all weekend and especially Monday. Best of luck to you at this trying time. I know you will have a stressful weekend, but like you said, you have 8000 catlovers joining together for you.
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Keeping the prayers and vibes coming, E!
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