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Am I the only one??

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Have you guys had trouble with TCS loading today? It said the site was temporarily offline or unavailable, or some such, and to contact the system administrator.

Is it my computer, or the site??
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It's not you. It went off for about 1/2 hour earlier.
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Aah...ok...was a bit worried. It seems to be kinda finicky today. Any word on what's going on?
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Yeah its been a bit bumpy for me today too...it went out for about a half hour a little while ago...Poor TCS....
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I was having troubles as well.
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I've seen it do this once or twice in as many days too. Nice to know what it was.
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Our computers at work were being finiky today. We could barely get on our network and then to actually DO something when you got on took such a looooong time! Sometimes I think the weather affects things. Plus servers and what not. Technology just isn't 100% yet I guess!
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I have actually had trouble loading (at work ) for the last couple of days. I was wondering what was going on...if it was just my computer!?!
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As I just responded in another thread, we have been crashing a bit lately. Hopefully, soon all of these mini crashes will be behind us and the forums will be running 24/7 Please just be patient, we are looking into upgrading the server.
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Just wanted to apologize for starting another thread on this topic! If I would have realized this was already here, I wouldn't have. If a mod wants to join the two its fine with me.....whatever is best for the site and for you guys!
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