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Question for you all?

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How many of you here have a cat that likes to fight and even attack dogs?
My cat a Siamese Tom, hates males. Except for his buddy next door. He is very aggressive to dogs to. He has struck my German Shepard many of times. My German Shepard tolerates it to an extent. Has anyone had this experience and what did you do to help your pets get along?
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The thing is he is so loveable. He just hates male cats and dogs. He I guess he is just like the wild Big Cats very territorial. Never would I get rid of either of my animals.
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Wow! Not sure if I think it`s brave or just plain not so smart for a cat to attack a dog that big. What would happen if the dog decided he`d had enough and founght back???
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Johns moms cats Yin and Yang used to scare off rottweilers that passed by THEIR yard......

And one time Yinny was outside and john and I were sitting on the porch....all of a sudden we heard a lasy screaming and a dog barking...we went to investigate...this women was screaming that he husky had picked up Yinny by the head...there was blood everywhere....

Of course we freaked out and tried to find Yinny...we eventually found her under a bush, trembling....covered in blood.....the thing was it wasnt her blood......

Later we found out that the Huskys cheek and gums had been torn to shreads...We assume that when he grabbled Yinny by the head, she retaliated by sticking her claws in the Huskys cheeks and move in my opinion.........

Though i definitly felt sorry for the poor husky...he must have felt like a fool losing a fight to a 7 pound cat........
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Orion attacked a dog that we were trying to keep.. but orion hated her.. too bad.. I really loved her =(

I also know a number of cats at the rescue I used to work at.. a dog would walk past the door and they would start fighting with each other because they couldn't get to the dog. We started bringing dogs in for most of the day though.. and that problem disolved.
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when i was living with my mum there was a huge dog living next door that used to bark and even scare me before i befriended it.

one day i walked outside to see bonnie bailed up against the stairs by this dog, i was about to pick her up when whiskers (a tiny little cat) came darting out of nowhere scratched the dog and chased after it, it actually ran off with it's tail between it's legs, looking back now and then to make sure it had a good distance between it's self and whiskers

it didn't come back for a long time

i have two cats and a dog, bonnie was my first cat who iv'e had for over eight years, pandy was added to the family in the last year then anassa my pointer cross wolfhound.

when anassa first come home pandy went straight up to her and kissed her on the nose, pandy is very small yet she will try to befriend this biggest dogs, that's not always a good thing especially with nassa's friend max, a lab cross rotti, i don't think he'd hurt her on purpose but he's very big and playful and could easily squash her, she doesn't seem to notice the size difference at all

pandy plays with nass all the time, she bathes her and they sleep together, bonnie on the other hand never liked nass, she totally ignored her when i first brought her home and gave me the evils

bonnie is definately the alpha and even bossed pandy around when she first arrived, luckily they are like sisters now

anassa loves to follow me everywhere and it's almost like bonnie knows this, we have a narrow hall and bonnie will park herself at the start of it and won't let nass pass her, she will also do this at the doorways of rooms i'm in and nass will just lay down and whine until i move bonnie. nassa is also a very picky eater and will start her food then leave the rest of it for later, once nass leaves her bowl bonnie sits right in front of it, satres at nass and every now and then takes a bite of the food.

she never really eats it but she won't let nass anywhere near it, i have actually had to move bonnie a few times, nassa is 70cm tall now and getting bolder, iv'e heard her full on barking at bonnie and bonnie still won't move, she just sits there looking annoyed but i get afraid that nass might nip at her, i'm 99% certain that bonnie would scratch nass and win but i just can't take that risk.

it is funny sometimes because the things bonnie does seem to be solely aimed at ruining nassa's day.

i don't know if you can change a cats attitude towards a dog but if anyone has any idea's i'd love to hear them too

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Luci doesn't have the chance to really fight any dogs, per se, being as he is an indoor cat. But he does play with the dog and sometimes gets the better of her in their friendly tussles.
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Brads Friend brought his boxer in the house one day and Twig went crazy! He attacked that dog and sent it out to the porch and that poor dog was so scared that it wouldn't come back in the house no matter what we tried! I was rolling! Twig the mighty dog slayer! he's done that to a few dogs now, including a black Lab and some poodles. He cracks me up! the other cats run when they see a dog coming but not Twig, for he is the mighty dog slayer!!!!
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Oh my poor girl Zoie she's a sweet little basset hound that gets it from 5 out of 8 cats and she just the kittys, but I have mommy cat that I rescued and sometimes she will go right up to zoie and never do anything then other times she hisses spits and swats and Zoie just moos at her her, and now Mommy has taken over Zoies lounge in the family room, that is not good Plus I have an older male cat that will chase her all over the place, Poor Zoie she always goes the long way to get around them
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Poor Zoie she always goes the long way to get around them

anassa does the same with bonnie, if there isn't a meter or more clearance nass won't even try it
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My GSD is very patient and loves to play. But I am terrified if he decides to rip into Rajah. But Rajah has been getting along better him my dog. Rajah is a aggressive cat when it comes to males. My dog is very comical and just plays with Rajah. Apparently the cuffs to the head do not bother him. There was one time that Rajah cuffed him in the head and my dog charged Rajah and Rajah hid under my couch knowing my dog mean't business. But I am happy to report they are getting along alot better. Compared to when I first got my dog. When I first got him Rajah let him know he was unwelcome.
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I'm glad they're getting along better. Have you considered trying a Feliway diffuser for Rajah? It might help to calm him and make him more accepting of the dog.

Perhaps you could also try to create a pleasant association with having the dog nearby? If there's some sort of special treat Rajah likes, you could give it to him only when the dog is nearby, so he learns to associate the dog's presence with the special treat. (Do this only if you can be sure the dog won't try to take the treat from the cat!)
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There's a beautiful longhaired black outdoor cat in my apartment complex who seems to consider all creatures great and small his personal friends. Residents will be out walking their Weimaraners, their Chows, their Great Pyreneeses, and this fluffy little kittycat will hurry to catch up and walk with them, trying to brush up against the dogs' legs! The dogs have no idea what to make of this, but they seem to accept the little guy. :-)
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I might have gotten them to except each other. Yesterday I got my dog a new ball. You should see how much Rajah likes it and playfully plays with my dog "Prince". Its pretty comical actually. However Rajah will pop Prince if Prince hogs the ball. They were still playing when before I left to work. So it has been a slow work in progress but they both are getting along.
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That's great! Good to hear there's progress! I let my cat out once with my roommate's dog... that was the last time, haha. She hissed and growled at this big black lab (she's a petite solid gray) and then jumped up at his face and swatted him. The dog is so laid back he didnt even flinch but Shiraz must think she's tough. it's all fun and games till someone gets their eye poked out
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When my mom was young she had a grey persian named Smokey. Also in the neighbourhood was a large Black Lab (also named Smokey) who was the local "cat killer". Any cat who came near this dog was never seen again!

At one point in time the owner of Smokey (the dog) was dating my mom's sister. So he decided to bring his dog over to the house. BIG MISTAKE!! Smokey (the cat) took one look at this huge cat-killing dog and attacked. He jumped on the dogs back, grabbed ahold with his calws and would not let go!!! The dog, nedless to say, took off out of the yard with the cat firmly attached to his back. By the time they got the cat off of the dog, stiches were required... for the dog. Smokey, the cat, however was fine! So much for the fearsome cat-killer!!

From that point on the dog was terrified of every cat in the neighbourhood . Needless to say the human relationship didn't last long either !
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You refer to your male cat as a "tom". Is he neutered? If not, then get him neutered and it may decrease the aggressive behavior. If he is already neutered, then he is referred to as a male "neuter", not a "tom".
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We had a kitten, Scout, who at about 8 weeks attacked our akita Misty. She totally jumped on Misty's face and spit and hissed as Misty did her best to shake the tiny baby off! If I wasn't so scared it would have been funny.

They never did learn to be friends, although they maintained a hands off policy from then on. I'm glad it is different for your kids, sounds like they are becoming real buddies!
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My RB kitty, Fred, who never weighed over 8 lbs in his life would go after a dog like he was 9 feet tall and bulletproof. When we lived in the country, he was allowed outside as long as the door was open. I heard this unholy screaming from the driveway, and I just knew something terrible had happened to my poor little Fred. I ran out just in time to see Fred, riding on a huge Chow like a cowboy, claws dug in to this dog's head, both of them howling at the top of their lungs. They got to the bottom of the driveway, Fred jumped off, and the dog kept running. He strolled back up to the house like he had conquered the world. I never saw another dog anywhere around.
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No he is not neutered. I never gave that any thought. But I am a guy and the thought don't sit well with me. I figured I had him this long (4yrs) I don't want to neuter him now. But if his aggression get worse then I guess I will go that route. I have never had a cat neutered. What age is it to dangerous to neuter them? I got him when he was around 10 months old.

Plus he is getting along better. Still has his temper tantrums. But progress is being made.
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