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problems w/ the site

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Is anyone else having problems viewing threads? I just posted to one of Hissy's and mine went to the top ( like it was the thread starter which it was not ) and then the whole thread left the lounge, then it reappeared.

Am I going crazy or are others experiencing this as well??
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Daniela- I have been having problems all morning. I first, answered a thread about the canadians winning the gold medal and I found my reply at the top. Then when I went to the lounge the thread wasn't there. I also started four new threads and I couldn't find them anywhere. I thought that the moderators were reviewing them. I finally found them on the second page. I am also going nuts. I thought I was in trouble over something. I just got back from two weeks of break so I don't know.
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dtolle, I am having problems too! I thought that I was the only one! The date is off too, all the threads are coming up 2-22-02 instead of 2-25-02, so they are being moved to the bottom. This is weird???? My time is off by about 2 hours and 5 mins...is your time off too?
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I just got home from work, when I looked at TCS everything was completely messed up.

Nena. your threads are on page 2 for some reason.

Spooky, my dates and times are off too.
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I just replied to the thread about Alphabetically listed movies and found my response in the middle of page 38! Very weird.
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Well, as long as I am not the only one!!! I thought it was my computer cause we've been having trouble with it. But I rebooted it now and it is fine....except for this site. Its all messed up!!!!!!!!! Anne, where are you??????????????????
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Ha ha, yep. Same for me. See my posts in the jury thread. I hadn't read this yet. I also notice that when you post in a topic, it's not going up to the top of the list of threads in Cat Lounge either.

For the record, it's 2/25 at 3:19 PM Pacific and this is the 7th post.

Well, here goes.
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Alicat, HAHA....what a good idea. We can mark our threads to keep track!! Its now 627pm EST, and this is post #8!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What's so weird is that they are popping up in the right order here, but not in other threads. It's like how your car will make a funny noise consistently EXCEPT for the mechanic.

4:22 Pacific
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I have noticed that on the older threads the new posts are on top. The threads that were started after the technical problems developed are posting in the correct order.
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I think we got it fixed now..( I hope) Thanks for hanging in there guys! Sorry about that!
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Oh, I just thought you were going crazy...:LOL::LOL:

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Heh, heh, I WAS!!! :LOL:
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HAHA..Oh you too, I was talking to Daniela! :LOL::LOL:
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like this since monday......
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Hahaha, Cat! I realized that after I had posted it...silly me. :LOL:
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yes im haveing problem,s to.
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What problems are you having Angel? I think we mostly got everything fixed here. Is there something wrong? maybe someone can help you.
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it look,s to be ok now thank,s you all take care see you all again soon.
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