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New/first Kitten, also have 4 year old cat...need food advice.

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Sunday we were in Petsmart and stumbled upon this super-cute little kitten named Sunny. He's 5 months old, light blonde w/short-hair and orange stripes on his tail and elsewhere. (we brought him home needless to say) We inherited a 4 year old cat (grey short-hair) when he was about 1 year old. His name is Silver and he is KING of the house, spoiled rotten!! :o)

We dont have a lot of experience with kittens as Silver was quite laid-back then (and still is). We've always fed Silver dry Purina One Special Care Adult food. When we got Sunny we tried the same food but in Kitten formula and he wanted nothing of it, no way.

So we went with Friskies canned food twice a day (morning and night) and they both are in LOVE with canned food. The can recommends one ounce per pound of body weight, which equates to two cans a day for Silver (11oz). The can further recommends TWO ounces per pound of body weight for kittens, which equates to two cans a day for Sunny (11oz). That's four cans per day.

That's fine and everything, I just wanted to make sure that Friskies is good for them. If not, what is a good but still somewhat economical wet food for both Silver and Sunny. Preferably something for the both of them to share as they like to eat each others food. BTW, I also leave some of the above Purina One out for them to snack on but neither of them do.

Thanks so much for the help!!
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Well, it just so happens that I have a 6 month old and 4 year old!

I wouldn't feed Friskies. Too much junk in there. We're on Evanger's Pheasant over here, but other brands like Wellness, Prairie, Wysong, Evolve, and Merrick are all good...it just depends on what your kitties like. The good news here is that because the ingredients are a better quality, you'll need less. Wellness has a specific kitten formula, which Lola was on when I got her. She did quite well on it. The price will vary from place to place, but all of these tend to hover somewhere around a buck a can where I am.

As far as any free-feeding with dry you might do, I still have never discovered the secret for keeping 2 different cats eating 2 different formulas eating their own food. So I stick with all-stagers. Personally, and this is just me and a lot of people here will disagree, I would definitely have the kitten eating wet and dry. You want the little guy to bulk up! Just make sure it's a high quality dry that both cats can eat it...brands like Prairie, Felidae, Innove Evo...they're formulated for all life stages.

Hope that helps!!
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Where do you buy food ... ??? that will help the choices..
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I would not recommend Friskies...I personally will not feed any food with garlic, so that would rule out Wellness which was suggested earlier in this thread.

Available in a large 14 oz. can is the line of PetGuard foods - their turkey and rice, rabbit and rice, fish/liver/chicken and premium feast are all good,imo.

Innova is a good one to consider, Merrick is good, Wysong I believe except for their "just meat" formulas, contains garlic so I would also not use that personally.
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