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ideas of making a couch??

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As some of you know i have been renovating my room, ive painted my walls apricot, moved some furnitures around and need to get some new ones from ikea some time soon

We have this fold up spare bed that i have been using on and i would think it would be a waste storing it away, so i have thought to make a couch out of it and stick it infront of the tv so i can lay down on it.
I would show a picture but i am on my dads laptop andits full of viruses
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What a good idea! Just add some really big pillows, and you will have a nice couch!
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It'd be like a luxury size couch! Who doesn't end up asleep on the couch anyway?
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Oh yes I like the idea of big pillows/cushions on there. A really nice throw to complement the colour scheme in your room too. It would be the perfect place to snuggle in front of the TV.

Of course the trouble is, before long you'll find the kitties have taken up all the room on the couch and you're sitting on the floor
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So true!!
I mean its only a single bed, and when i sleep on it i dont even have half of the bed, my legs have to be curled up because teufel will lay at the bottom of the bed and kaylee will sleep ON me
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heheh you add cushions and you won't be able to move at all!! Sounds like a great idea though, some big cushions and a couple of throw rugs and you're set
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