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researching my lil man

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I posted about Ted Brogan, my little man, in the new cats forum.

I was wondering what type of cat he was, I was searching through the forums and I found taht his fur pattern looked a lot like or exactly like an ocicat.

here are a few pictures of him.

any information I will be thankful for! :-)
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Could be Ocicat look alike. But technically he's what is known as a "brown spotted tabby". Nice cat btw.
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thanks :-) I've had a lot of people asking what type of cat he was. Good to know :-)
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There are 4 types of tabbies -

classic (bullseye pattern),

mackeral (typical striping like the mack fish),

spotted (like yours or Egyptian Maus/Ocicats) or

ticked tabby (abyssinian like)
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He has beautiful markings and colour!
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thanks, he likes to think he has a beautiful fur coat as well. :-)
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He is very handsome that's for sure, thanks for sharing
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My Festus thinks he is very good looking. She would like to ask if he has a girlfriend!!

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lol, Ted Brogan doesn't have a girlfriend, although he is very handsome and lots of human girls tell him so, but never a girl katten :-)
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I have a Egyptian Mau, an Ocicat and a Bengal. He really looks A LOT like my Mau.

Bobbie <----- who is not a breeder
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I agree with the Egyptain Mau, the coloring and pattern are Mau like. However, his face does not seem to have the same length and pointed mussle that I have seen in other Maus. Just something to think about.
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