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Marlee just got her 3rd dose of worming medecine along with her Rabies vaccine at the vet today. I don't think she has worms anymore, she hasn't had any diarrhea, vomitting, bloating, etc. since the day after her last worming treatment. My question is, if she doesn't actually have worms anymore, should I still expect her to throw up like she did with the other two doses? She is fine right now (we just got back from the vet) but I know before she wouldn't vomit til like the night after, or the next day. Just curious, so I'll know whether to keep on eye on her. Also, I got some Interceptor for heartworm and internal parasites, anyone used this? Just wondering if I should expect anything after giving her the first tab. (I meant to ask the vet both of these questions, and totally forgot!)