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Getting my cat back

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Well here's my situation...........I have a super kitty named Lewis he is about 5 years old, I was traveling alot as an artist and was unable to take him with me unfourtantly. So my Mum decided to care for him while I was away. He had been an indoor cat. He was born in my previous apartment by my ex roommates stray kitty she saved. But when I was away she let him out and he loves it out there. I have just recently got a new kitten (Terry Fox) and I would love it if Lewis and little Terry could be together. I think they would make the best of friends but I live in an apartment so I don't know how Lewis would adjust?!?
Is it cruel to even think about keeping him indoors after he has had such a good time outside??
He is very much loved at My Mum's aswell and I think they are both doing each other good. But I feel as though I have abanded him.
I have heard things like they will eat off there own tail or go insane. I only want the best fo my baby's
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It is possible to convert an indoor/outdoor cat to indoor only. The things you have heard about possible "crazy" behavior is untrue. The cat may appear agitated for awhile, but will eventually adjust to his new lifestyle. Before bringing him inside to stay, make sure he has a full vet work up to check for fleas or any other outdoor critters he may have picked up. Also, have him tested for any kinds of communicable diseases he could have picked up outside--a full vet work-up, basically.

Also, if the kits are not yet spayed/neutered (one is male and one is female, correct?) please do so before introducing them or you will have kittens on your hands, along with a host of behavioral issues such as spraying, howling...no fun.

Finally, before introducing your kits, read the article on this site about introducing two new cats slowly--it's the best thing I did in introducing Emma to Oliver several months ago, we haven't once had a major problem with the two of them.

Good luck and keep us posted
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Well it's good to know that it can be done.

he goes to the vet frequntly so I know everything is alright. Lewis has been spayed but Terry is too young still. They are both precious little boys, does that make a diffrence??, that they are both male?
I am still trying to get Terry used to his new surroundings now but I thought that bringing Lewis home to me would make him feel better about having to be left at home alone when we are at work. I honestly think the bigger problem will be to take him away from my Mum.
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I have taken outdoor cats and made them inside with no problems. You can do it!
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I say let your mom keep him and get Terry a new brother/sister to keep him company.
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I will have a similar problem when I leave here and move to France. I left a cat, Cinders, with my mother in the UK, and although she has had some problems with her, both my parents are very attached to her, and she seems happy with them and to be honest, doesn't really recognise me now when I visit. I have told my mother that it is her decision - if she wants me to take Cinders back, I will, but if they decide to keep her then that is OK too. And Cinders does not really like other cats and is a bit shy, so I don't know how she would adjust to a strange environment and other cats. She is also about 5 years old now. So I would think of the cat, think of your mom, and do what is really best for them.
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I agree with Yosemite. Sounds like Lewis has a happy home already, so why not adopt another needy kitten and give it a loving home? This one will grow up with Terry indoors. And you won't have the age difference causing any problems. I don't think you've abandoned Lewis - he's happy & healthy, so don't feel guilty.
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I agree! Lewis has found a happy home with a nice Momma.
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