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lotsa pictures:meet Ted Brogan

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Ted Brogan

Age: 1yrs
Colour: Spotted/Stripes (not sure what type of cat he is.)

Ted Brogan is a very cute man, that I recieved for a christmas gift. I had a younger calico that had died a few weeks before and I was still really upset about her passing, so my boyfriend took me out and we both looked at kittens in shelters and some in petshops.

I normally wouldn't buy from a petshop, because I would rather save a cat from being destroyed. :'( I saw Ted in a cage at the petshop, they were giving away free kittens, all you had to do was buy some supplies to take them home. Ted was the last of the bunch and he was frisky and meowingto get out, he also responded well to me, so I ended up taking him home with me.

I didn't notice his fur pattern too much that day, but his spots started to become darker on his sides and on his tummy. Everyone compares them to a wild cat (cheetah, leopard) he acts a lot differently than my other cats I had. He will let me tot him around like a baby, he carries around toy balls and brings them to me and likes to fetch. He begs for food, and is a lot more vocal.

He gets along great with strangers.Whats funny is I was really dreading the whole kitten stage again of the clawing and hyperness, but he was only like that for the first two days.. he then settled and acts well behaved. (90% of the time!) He tends to act more like a dog/baby than anything else.

well like I said above I'm really not sure where he comes into as his coat colours/patterns. But he really is a special lad. He loves to watch you cook, clean, write, and anything else. :-)

Pictures of my little man.

I have so many pictures of Ted, I'm sure I will post many more to come. Hope you liked meeting the fuzzy little man.
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What gorgeous eyes your boy has.

Do enjoy your stay here at TCS and I hope to see you around!
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Hi welcome to the site, he is gorgeous.

Love the pics!
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Ted Brogan thanks everyone, for the nice remarks.

I forgot to post where I named him from.

if anyone is familar with SNL Will Ferrell they had a skit on the show where he was a suppose to be a baby, but he turned out to be born a 33 yr old man. His name was Ted Brogan in that skit. It was either that or Ron Burgandy from anchorman.. lol..

at the time my boyfriend and I were watching a lot of SNL and Will Ferrell. :-)
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Hi there - we're so happy to welcome you and Ted Brogan to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

He's such a handsome boy with such beautiful markings and lovely, appealing face. I can't wait to see more pictures of him on the Board!
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Hey there!

Your kitty is a very handsome guy!
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He really is a handsome fella! Welcome
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Hi and welcome to TCS...what a beautiful baby you have.
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Hello and welcome!!!! What beautiful eyes Ted has!!!
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Thankyou for all the nice comments, Ted Brogan Thanks everyone as well! I am enjoying reading and looking at everyones kattens as well :-)
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Oh he's beautiful I love the 1st one and the 5th one. He looks so sweet Thanks for sharing those they were great
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He is a very handsome kitty! I am kinda partial to spots!
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Ted Brogan - What a cute little ham you are!
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Welcome! Ted is handsome, sounds like he enjoys to play alot!
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I am just having a field day looking at everyones cats on here. I am really happy I came here. :-) My dad thinks I'm crazy sometimes the way I spoil Ted, or talk to him.. in fact sometimes I think I'm crazy!! lol. but I do love cats a lot.

Thankyou for the nice comments.
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Welcome to you and your lovely boy!! Isn't this site the greatest for those of us in love with all things feline? And hey, cats are MEANT to be spoiled rotten--if you don't believe me, ask Ted! Loved the pictures--don't know exactly what kind of kitty he is but he's a beauty--oh and those EYES!!!!
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