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I was out taking my walk in an area close to where I live and took some pictures of some historic homes in the area. I just love the architecture of older homes and thought I would share a few pictures with everyone. If anyone else would like to post any pictures of homes in your area, please feel free to post them here. I would love to see them!

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Oh my goodness...what beautiful homes!! There are some old Victorian homes in my area but nothing compared to these shown. Wow!
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Lovely houses. Thanks for sharing your walk!
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a few more.........

Here's a few on my block.......

This is the building I live in, I'm on the second floor.
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Holy Guacamole! Those houses are AWESOME!!!!! Can I come visit you so I can see them up close?! LOL I LOVE historic homes! There is a street in St Paul, MN, that has a lot of homes like that and I am always in awe of each one.

Thanks for sharing!
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Those houses are definately amazing! We have a few of them here in town, I should try and get a few pictures, I love those style's of houses, now, if I could only live in one!!
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What gorgeous homes! When we used to live in an apartment in the city, our area had some older Victorian homes like that, but only a few were comparable in size. I love big old houses.
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Wow! What lovely big homes. I`d LOVE to tour them. (Would`nt want to have to keep them clean though!)
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Those are beautiful homes, they look like castles!!

We don't have any homes up here like that
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houses like that are amazing, it was always about detail and letting people know that you cherish where you live by how it looks on the outside. they are amazing.
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These are great pictures! I love big, old historic homes. The house I grew up in was a Victorian, more than 100 years old. It's kind of run down now. Thanks for sharing these. Looking forward to more!
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Wow! Those are awesome! I just love old houses like that. They have so much character and history. I find myself wondering about all the people who've lived there...Which one is your favourite?
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I had to do a double take to see where you lived. Some of those houses look like ones in Northern Jersey, where I grew up.
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Thanks for looking everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed them as much as I do. I'm in dreamland everytime I walk by, I don't think I could pick a favorite or that I would want something that huge! Way too big for me, I would lose poor Sash. I always wonder to who lives there and what do they do in all them rooms?? They usually have house tours in the area once or twice a year, I would just love to go one of these days.
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How gorgeous!

The very first house picture reminds me of the one on the show Charmed....I don't know if any of you watch it, so if no one knows what I'm talking about, sorry! But they are all beautiful, how lucky you are to live around them all!
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Oh I like that 5th one in the first group, there all Lovely though, Thanks for sharing
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