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Hi everyone!

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Ron is asleep on my lap, so this is a good time for me to pop in and say hi He is 4 weeks old today and growing so fast. He's very developed for his age - he smiled his first real smile 2 days ago and he's already holding his head, following objects with his eyes and trying to catch things with his hands.

We're practicing attachment parenting, so I'm breastfeeding and we share our bed that also means he's always being held

must go - awake and hungry...
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Anne is now breastfeeding so she asked me to continue.
We are doing fine and enjoing our baby, but parenthood is very time consuming (especially for Anne).
We never leave Ron alone. He sleeps in our bed, and is always held or carried in a baby sling.
In four weeks time, I will take paternity leave from work and will take care of Ron. Hopefully this will enable Anne to return to work on the web site and her new buisness as a cat behavior consultant.
As it happens, she is suddenly getting a lot of unplanned publicity with a short feature in the leading national newspaper, soon to be followed with an interview on national radio.
Today they phoned from the Israely cable TV to ask if she would like to apear on a program about pets on the children channel, parheps even on a regular basis (!). Right now, she still can't leave home so everything is on hold.
In this rate I excpect a full feature Spilberg film in the following year...
And moving on from the bed news to the bad news, here the situation is not so good.
There is a lot of terrorism, in a level we have never knew in the past. Most incidents are in the territories, but some are in other places. One of the "favorites" ones is the main street in the next town and the road that is leading there. It is a little scary to go shoping there, and we can hear the ambulances after every incident.
We have a holiday tommorow ('Purim'), something like Halloween, but everybody are gloomy and I think most people won't dress up in customs (people are also afraid the the costums would give an easy cover to terrorists).
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Congratulations on all the publicity and I am so sorry that the terrorism has gotten so close. I will keep you all in my prayers.
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Please stay safe, I've heard on the news all the terrorism that is going on there. I hope it ends soon for you.

Glad to hear Lil' Ron is doing well. He must be growing so fast, they always do at that age! Each day seems to bring something new.

Keep us updated on all his milestones, and keep yourselves out of harms way.
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Anne....(and Alpha),we are all so glad to hear from you!!!

Glad baby Ron is doing well, and that you will be doing some TV and radio interviews as well as a n article in the paper! That is GREAT news!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

I worry about you guys living over there with all the terriorism going on, please be careful, I am praying things will calm down over there and you all will be safe.

Thanks for checking in with us, and we look forward to when you can be back on a regular basis.

We love you!!!
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Anne, and Alpha! Enjoy everyminute holding and loving that precious bundle. I too, keep Logan in bed with us, and breastfeed even still. But Logan is already trying to be on the move and before I know it he will be too busy crawling to snuggle all the time! BUt I have enjoyed everyminute that I've had to snuggle! Congrats again!
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I'm glad we got the forums fixed (don't ask me how - I guess it was the tech people that run the server). My mother-in-law is looking after Ron right now (I left her a bottle of expressed milk), so I should be off to bed - yeah! I can sleep for 3 hours all by myself!). I couldn't help myself and had to pop in to say hi again, but I really should be going to bed...
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Anne, Alpha & Ron I am glad your family is doing well. Please keep safe over there! You are in my prayers.
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Just kidding! I have been thinking of you and praying for you with all the new news of terrorism happening near you. I am glad that you and the family are safe and that Ron is so specially cared for and loved. If each child had that growing up, perhaps we wouldn't have terrorists at all.

Congrats on the publicity, I know that you will put it to good use. Give that little one a special kiss right on his forehead, and may your family continue to grow safely together. Hugs Anne, you are really missed!
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Congrats Anne and Alpha! Its nice to hear that Ron is doing well and you two also. I hope that you will be safe from the terrorism. Congrats Anne on the newspaper article and radio interview.
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It's so nice to "see" you! Sounds like Ron is doing great. He sure is getting a lot of love and attention - he'll really benefit from that later in life.

I hope you guys stay safe over there. I think about you alot when I watch the news. Very scary. You'll be in my prayers.
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bumpity bump
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