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One more quick story!

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This one isn't funny but very heart warming.

I showed a house to Buyer's I was working with, Matt & Jan. They were newly married and had no kids or pets but were looking forward to getting a cat once they bought a house.

We looked at one house where the owner was home when we went to look at it. He was elderly and said he was selling because he couldn't take care of the place anymore and going into an assited living apt. He started to cry because he was so worried about his cat....the apt. he was going to didn't allow pets and he was going to have to take him to the Humane Assn. and the one we have puts animals down if they are not adopted in 3 weeks. He said, "Who's going to want my poor old 9 yr. old kitty?". It was so sad!

We left the house and Matt & Jan said, "Let's go back to the office and write up an offer right away....we WANT that kitty!". Sure enough, we put the cat right into the contract as an item to be included in the sale of the house!

The old man was SO happy and he comes over once or twice a year to visit the now 13 yr. old kitty!
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Is that ever nice of them! That's so sweet. How come the apartments don't allow pets? That really impacts on the quality of life for residents.
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You would think that the assisted living would allow cats? Especially if a resident was so attached.

How wonderful of those people to take that 9 year old cat, some people are just great! I bet that old man was just happier than ever to know that his precious cat was going to be taken care of!
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The assisted living apt. he was going to gives each resident a small efficiency type unit with a private bedroom and bath and lving room. Then all the residents go to a common area for all their meals in the kitchen and dining room. So, because the entrance to each unit is not accessed from the outside of the building, they don't want kitty's getting loose and wandering the building and if they allowed pets, they wouldn't be able to accept clients who may have allergies to animals.
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What a great ending to that story!

A lot of Assisted Living Facilities are coming around and realizing that residents should be allowed to have pets. My grandmother lived in assisted living for several years before she passed, and she was allowed to have her cat with her, which greatly improved her quality of life.
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I think its wonderful when they allow cats at assisted living places.

I know that when my Great- Grandparents were in the nursing home, they had about 2-3 cats in the main lounge where everyone would be, and those residents would be just elated to have the cats sitting on their laps, and just to be around them, they looked so happy.
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What a great story! It makes my heart melt!
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The assisted living my mom was in allowed pets, although she had to pay an additional $250 annually for a pet deposit (until Vincent passed), and I know there's an Assisted Living facility down the road a bit that advertises "Small Pets Welcome." So it varies.
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What a heartwarming end to your story . Thank you for sharing. Bless that couple for giving a 9-year-old cat a chance. Hopefully that elderly man will get to visit his baby on occasion!
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Thank you for sharing this unique story!
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