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Wanna hear something funny?

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I am a Realtor and I had an appt. to go show a house one night a few months ago. When I got there, the cat was laying on the front step and as I approached the door to unlock it, he stood up, waiting to get in when I opened the door. As I opened it up, he was the first one to bolt in. My Buyers said, "Poor guy, he must be getting too hot out here!". Well, he jumped right up on the couch, curled up and went to sleep. A couple of hours later my cell phone rings. It was the owner of the house I had shown.

Owner: Is this Jane?

Me: Yes.

Owner: I just got home and there's a CAT sleeping on my couch. I don't OWN a cat!

OMG!!!! I was cracking up! I ran right over and got Mr. Kitty back out again and ended up finding his CORRECT home! I will NEVER let someone's pet in for them again!
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Hahaha! VERY nice. That cat sure knew what he was doing!
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Very cute! Cats know when they're onto a good thing!
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LOL! He saw the sucker sign on the catnip chain around your neck and took full advantage of it.
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Smart kitty!
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That is a smart cat!!
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Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!That is funny! (Hopefuly the cat just slept on the couch and did`nt "DO DO" anything else in the house!
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PS...and thank goodness it was`nt a Pit Bull!
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LOL! Funny!!!!!
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He just got his homes mixed up!!
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Many years ago, I had an in and out cat. Once in a while, he would be "kicked" off our porch by another cat. That cat would rush into the house when the door opened, and he would go into the kitchen and meow at one cupboard door. He was so funny.
And we lived in a new mobile home, so I know it wasn't his old house. He just figured he knew how to get a meal, and made himself at home! Silly boy!
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That is one of the funniest stories I have heard in a long time! It really made me laugh this morning and what a great start to the day! (besides the coffee!)
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LMAO!! That's too funny...poor confused kitty!!
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Great story. He was hoping to be sold as a fixture of the house I reckon!
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