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Anyone on Weight Watchers?

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I am struggling with my new year's resolution to lose weight. It is very hard when I am doing it by myself. I have decided that when I start to work, I want to join Weight Watchers because I have heard of their points program where you can eat anything but moderately. I want to see how it works.
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My cousin lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers Points system last year. I hear it works well, but I haven't tried it yet. If you try it Nena10, let us know how you do on it!
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About 3 years ago, I lost 35 lbs on WW. It is a very good program, and I'd recommend it to anyone! The Points system is something that is easy to follow, at least for me. Several women at work commented on how good I looked, asked me how I did it, and they jumped on the bandwagon, too.
It took about six weeks of discipline to really get into it, and to get used to it, but once I did, it was no big deal, and was not the focus of my day.
I have gained about 10 lbs back since then, but I still look a LOT better than I did before.
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My husband is on WW and he has lost 45 pounds in the past 10 months, and still has about 15-20 to go. The Winning Points system is great once you get used to it and remember the points values of stuff you eat a lot. The first few weeks were kind of tedious, always looking stuff up in the books, but now we only use the books for about 10% of our food and just remember the rest.

It's great because you can eat whatever you want. For example, my husband eats chocolate every single day. Exercise is an important part of it, too. You can earn extra points by exercising, so it is easier to bank your points for a special occasion.

It really makes you think about portion size, which is the key thing in a weight loss program. You can be eating healthy food, but if you eat too much, you will still gain weight.

As well, they teach a lot of mental skills and positive thinking at the meetings, which is really important for people who are emotional eaters, which my husband was. I'd definitely recommend it.
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How much do they charge for this progam? I really like to start it as soon as I start to work. And the days are growing warmer so I started walking. I walk every morning for 15-20 minutes.
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I don't know the cost, but you can go directly to the website and sign up from there.
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Where I live in PA, it's $35 to join, and $12 each week. Or you can buy 12 weeks for $99. The Weight Watchers website can help you with pricing, too. I think you go to find a meeting, and type in your zip code.
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