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Looking for a foster home

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Hello to all cat lovers
Our names are Biscuit and Chester;we are two female tortoiseshell cats,both 11 years of age,and we sisters.Our Mum due to circumstances out of her control has had to put our house up for sale and is having to move to her brother in weymouth for a short while,and will be settling there.. and unfortunately we cannot go with her,but she doesn't want to lose us.This is where you might be able to help...do you know of any one that would be willing to foster us untill our Mum has sold her house and can get a place for us all to live together again? We do not mind were we live,as long as our Mum can visit us reg!!
Our Mum will make sure that all the food and vet bills are all covered and that we shall not go without,and we will pay a last visit to our vet,to make sure we are updated with every thing,so we both will be in tip top condition,we are healthy cats...
If you think that you can help us,or you know someone who would be willing to take us in for a while could you please email back,or call on 01359221780,or,07845682752
Thanks Chester & Biscuit..
Ps.my name is jenny and i am deperatly emailing every one,i have called so many animal societys,i am exchausted.........if you know of any one that can help us..PLEASE get back to me,my house is on the market as i type,i am living in my kitchen,and only a camp bed to sleep on,i am so desperate...my son let me down,he has all ready has 2 cats,and feels 4 cats will be too much in a flat...
Jenny wainwright..
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Just to let you all know,i have a foster home for my cats,a family friend is having them,till i get settled.....thanks for all those that tried to help me,big thanks
Biscuit & Chester
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great news!!
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That's wonderfullllllll
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that's good to hear
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