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Advice Needed.

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Hello, I have been reading your site since I got my kitten, and I have found your advice to be very helpful. I have a 9 week old kitten named Jeremy. When I got him at 7 weeks, he was very very tiny and cried a lot. Needless to say, at 9 weeks he is still pretty tiny, but is lucky starting to grow and now only cries when he wants something.

On his first visit to the vet, he was deemed healthy and was given kitten milk and both wet and dry food from the vet. Over the weekend he had begun throwing up, over four days he threw up 5 times. It seemed to be just food so I figured he was just eating too much. Tuesday morning he threw up a worm, a roundworm. Since he was apparently dewormed from the SPCA, and on his last visit to the vet he was given a flea treatment that is also a dewormer, I was a little concerned. I picked up the worm in a baggie and took him to see the vet again. He checked him all over and said everything was fine, except he did have worms, so he was given some medication. Since I took him home, no more throwing up and he is seemingly feeling better.

However when I clean his litter box I have recently noticed his poop to be mushy, not really runny but not as firm as it usually is. I noticed today something that looked a bit like blood, it was on top of his poop, not in it, it wasn’t very much. I noticed this once before, when I first got him, but it seemed to go away.

I was wondering if it could maybe have something to do with the worms? His mood has only changed for the better and he is extremely playful. He wants to eat everything on the floor, so I have to keep a close eye on him at all times, but I don’t think he has eaten anything he shouldn’t have. One more thing that I am wondering if it might have an effect on him is that sometimes, yesterday and this morning for example, he is given Fancy Feast instead of the food he usually eats. Could that have anything to do with it?

He has another appointment with the vet in a week or so, I will bring this up with him, however in the meantime, I thought someone here might have a similar experience or could give some advice.

I’m sorry that was so long! I thank anyone who takes the time to read this, or is willing to give some help.
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Aww Your poor baby. Im sorry hes got issues. I dont know if the blood in his stool could be from the worms or not, but our kitten is also 9 weeks and she has worms and just had the first dose of meds to rid them on Tuesday and so far we have not seen anything in her stool and shes not throwing up at all. My thoughts were maybe all the switching food might give her the loose stool???? I hope he feels better soon. Let us know what the vet says when you take him back.
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Hopefully the blood is just the dead worm! If it doesnt stop please take him back to the vet or get a second opinion.Sorry to hear hear he has worms, hope you get rid of them soon let us know!
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Keep a close watch (I know it's yuck!) for blood or mucous on his stools. If you see any further sign of either get him back to the vet with a sample - it is almost certainly some kind of parasite, maybe not worms as such.
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Well, he went to the litterbox again, and this time there was no blood it was a little more runny, but his vet is aware of that. I am going to try and keep him just on the medical catfood and hopefully it will get better.

Thanks for the kind words and suggestions.
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Just to update:

Jeremy is much better, all seems well with him. No more Fancy Feast thats for sure. Hopefully he will start gaining more weight, since at 8 weeks he only weighed .14lbs.

Thanks to everyone for their help.
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Glad your kitten is doing better. It is hard on their system when they have parasites and blood and mucous is sometimes just part of the program. Roundworms are more tenacious than tapeworms and sometimes take several applications to get rid of. It is the wisest thing to do, in about 2 weeks, just run a fecal sample to your vet and ask them to check it for parasites.

The worming medicine, since it kills worms is also a bit harsh on kitten's system and often the kitten or cat will vomit. It is not uncommon during a heavy infestation for the kitten to vomit up piles of dying roundworms.
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