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I have returned

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I have returned, ready to finish school and get me a decent job. It was pretty hectic and I was able to work most of the two weeks. I am still quitting and searcing for something better. I loved the Olympics. I love the skating and skiing events, but I would never do anything like ski jumping. I love doing the down hill and the moguls. I also like the luge, skeleton, and hockey. I like how all the athletes, even those that didn't win a medal, to at least try their best. It was sad when Pico Street got 16 place. It got pretty cold the first week. Only up in the teens during the day and freezing at night. There was also an inversion covering the city. But then we got a rainfall that cleared it up. The last week was in the 40's. Alot of performers came. I loved both the opening and closing ceremonies. They were spectacular! I felt a lump in my throat last night when they lowered the Olympic flag and the fire was estinquished. AT night when I was done with work, I had to cross the medals plaza and could see alot. I saw alot of people around the city. Have I missed anything? Rascal is doing fine, getting bigger! Will be neutered in the next couple of weeks. He is a troublemaker. He likes to spill his water. I tried different dishes and I filled it up with water, then he knocks it down! He hates baths but loves playing with his water bowl. All of his four front jaws have fallen and new ones have been in place. Only problem is that he's developed bad breath. Is there anything like cat breath mints I can use. I do brush his teeth every week. He puts up a fight, but eventually I get them cleaned.
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Hi Nena! It is really great to have you back! I'm not sure about the bad breath thing...maybe someone else will know, or you could post it in the health section.
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Alicia - it is great to have you back! I definately missed your input on the site during the last 2 wks! Did you get to see any events live?
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No, I had to work most of the time. They put the rings up in the mountains and I could see them lit up clearly from the house. I took a picture, hopefully it will come out alright. It was very cold the first week, but the second week was pleasant. I got to see lots of different people. I saw everything on tv. I loved the openning and closing ceremonies. They were spectacular. I almost cried when they closed the olympics and the flag came down and they estinguished the flame. I loved Bon Jovi and Charlotte Church. Can't believe she is only 16. Congratulations to you Canadians for winning the gold medal in hockey and figure skating!!! I also enjoyed the story about the guy who one either the skeleton or the luge. He was the one whose grandfather one gold and then he died a few days before the Olympics. His grandson won the gold! I think my favorite events were the skiing, especially the moguls and the downhill!
Now, we have to look forward to the Paraolympics coming in March.
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I am glad you enjoyed the Olympics. It was great winning the gold in both women's & men's hockey. The women really deserved it. I also love Charlotte Church. I have many of her CDs. I also have the Josh Groban CD that she does that song. Josh Groban was her partner for the song at the closing ceremonies.
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Good to see you back, alicia!
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