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Eating Grass

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Hey Everyone,

My cat Higgins keeps eating grass, an I wanted to know if it were true, that if a cat is eating grass that means they are not feeling well. And there is something in their system that they are trying to push out. My cat has blood in his stool, took him to the vet, the vet said that he doesn't have worms or anything, but she gave me some pills to give to him, and some food for him to eat for the week. And it cleared up, however, when I was at work my roommate left the door open and he got out, and he was locked out of the house for God knows how long, when I got home, he came in and ate some food. And then yesterday I took him outside before I went to work (on a leash), and I saw him eating some grass. Then later on that night he used the litterbox, and I could smell him. So I checked his butt and he still had some boo boo on him, I wiped it and it was blood. So I'm wondering if him eating the grass is causing blood to be in his stool( because it had cleared up after the vet gave me the pills and food to give to him), but when he got outside and was eating the grass it made me think it was the grass. Or if the grass is pushing whatever is in his system out and it is giving him blood in his stool because it is pushing that harmful stuff out. And feedback will be greatly appriecated.

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Cats don't usually eat grass because they have an upset stomach, they eat it because they are cats If your vet said the fecal was all clear, it's very possible the grass is causing the blood in the stool. They don't digest grass very well.
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Bijou and Mika love to eat grass when they are outside and so far it hasn't caused any damage that we are aware of.
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My cat will eat grass all the time if I let her and she doesnt throw up any. I am really concerned about the blood in his stool!!! CAn you get a second opinion on that? That doesnt sound normal at all to me.Keep us posted and good luck
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Pepper use to eat grass all the time when I use to take her outside. Sometimes she'd throw-up, sometimes she wouldn't. I heard that grass is good for kittes to eat in that it can act as a irritant so they can throw-up if not feeling well and just good to eat in general (don't know how true it is)??
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My cats are big on grass munching too! I see it sometimes in cat puke, but they don't often throw up. I've also seen it coming through in the stool. My understanding is that they eat it instinctively to aid digestion, kinda like birds eating little stones. The grass isn't digested, but rather is additional fibre which helps bowel movements.
On the blood in the stool - my Wiggies has that as a recurring problem that I've never got an answer to. He seems fines and has been cleared by the vet, so I don't worry too much over it, but it would be nice to know exactly what's going on.
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Luci eats some of any plant he comes across (I have never ever been able to stop him) and has not gotten puke-sick or passed blood on his poop. Fortunately, there aren't any plants in the new place for him to chew on, so we definitely aren't going to have that problem for now.
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check out this link - it explains a lot!

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Cats actually need grass as ruffage in their diet (hence everyone growing indoor grass for their kitties)... it also helps them clear up hairballs and will keep them away from your house plants. The one thing I'm thinking is that normal outside grass has sharp edges, whereas oat grass (which is what most indoor kitty grass kits are) is smooth... either way, the blood in the stool is absolutely no good and the kitty should be taken back to the vet (or to a different one). Its great that you take him out on a leash to get some outside experience, but at least until you find out whats causing the blood, I'd keep him from eating outside grass... try to get a definite answer as to whats causing the blood, then I'd suggest keeping some indoor grass for him to munch on - my ollie loves it and only yarked it up the very first time I offered it to him (he kinda "overate" it teehee)... now he loves to sit on his shelf by the window and munch on his kitty grass!
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I have never known grass mentioned as causing blood, which is absolutely not normal. Your kitty needs furhter examination, and a full fecal exam done, as it can be caused by microscopic parasites, not worms. Of course, there can be other causes too, but get it checked out.
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I agree with jennyranson. Your cat needs to be checked out by the vet to make certain he doesn't have something serious going on.
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Eating grass is normal cat behavior, but I wonder if the grass your cat ate outside may have been treated with chemicals that could have caused the bleeding?
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