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I miss my Babies!

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Well I just dropped my two kittens off at the vets for spay and neutering. I realize it is for the best and they have to have it done. BUT I'm so worried and upset! We lost our cat of 19 years back in July and it was so eerie coming home to an empty house again. I talked to the vet tech and everything was in order when I took them this morning. I miss that so much, but I think I am the most worried about the actual going under and then coming back from anesthesia.

I took a 1/2 day this morning to take them in, I'm glad I did because I would not have made it to work on time (I’m a teacher) However our days are 8-11 or 11-3 when we get a half day sub, so I think I should have gone back to school and then I wouldn't be sitting here worrying!!! But we can't just take an hour off and come in we have to get a sub for the 1/2 or full day. So here I sit!

I guess I just needed to vent to someone and you guys are the best spot for that!
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I know how it is. I felt the same way when I had to drop off my girls for spaying. You're doing the right thing and it is a routine surgery so try not to worry too much. In the meantime, I'll be sending plenty of good vibes your way. Let us know when your kitties are out of surgery.
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I understand how your feeling.. I worry when I have had to have my cats spayed. Next month Lily will be old enough to be spayed. And I am dreading it. Sending good thoughts your way. And try to not worry to much. Soon they will be home safe and sound..
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We all know what it's like to wait for your kitties to get through a spay or neuter . Sending you some {{{calming vibes}}} and some {{{good luck vibes}}} that the surgeries go well. You're really doing a good thing .
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Thank you all! I'm sitting here grading papers! I'm thinking of it as a extra long prep period! LOL Thank you!
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I will be sending good thoughts and vibes your way all day! I understand totally what you are going through.
When I got Pepper done I was so worried about her. I cried so much when I got her home, I hated to see her so scared from being in a strange place and all "funny" from the meds. But everything turned out fine as I'm sure it will be for you. Don't worry to, to much, your kitties will be home with you before you know it.
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I know it's hard, but try not to worry. They'll be back and getting under your feet again in no time
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Thank you all! I'm heading to work now. And what sucks is since I'm a teacher I can't have the vets call me, so they will call my husband and then at 3 I can call him to find out how they are doing. Thanks for all the vibes!
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Well as of 3 pm today my kitties had made it through surgery. The vet tech said everything went wonderful. They had woke up about an hour ago and were sitting up as she was talking!!! Tomorrow we get to pick them up and we will all be a happy family again! LOL

Thanks for the support!

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I'm glad they are doing good. It is amazing how they become a part of our lives. I had to take Much in for her teeth cleaning early one morning. I worked from home that day so I could go pick her up when she was ready. I couldn't believe how I knew this cat's schedule. About 10 am I expected her to come down and want to be held. I almost went searching for her. I was so glad to get her home.
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I know just how you feel! I was`nt as afraid of the surgery as much as I just did`nt want to leave them all night at the vets. Guess I thought they`d miss me as much as I missed them....they sure we glad to get home though!
Bet you`ll be excited to go and pick them up tomorrow! :-)
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I'm glad they are out of surgery and doing well. They'll be so happy to see you tomorrow!
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They are home! Doing great! I just have to watch to make sure they don't lick each other's wounds. My female has internal stiches and my male has none. Today they are just sleeping and lounging. They are being so loveable and calm. I figured they would hid and be all mad at us. But they aren't!
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