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Need help selecting a cat.

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Hello every and anyone.

I'm really new to this so forgive me if I've entered in the wrong area.

I'm in the market for buying a cat. I have to consider my tastes as well as my sons.

I've been looking through library books on cats (pure breds) to try and get an idea of what kind of cat will suit my family.

I will not be breeding cats, so I don't think I want to spend my money on a pure bred. So if I list what I think my son and I want in a cat, will someone out there be able to provide me with a selection of suitable cats????

There will be only the one cat in our family, so it has to be a people cat as well as (a loner??). I don't want a long haired cat, for obvious reasons, but my son doesn't want a sort haired cat. My son would like a cat with stripes or spots, likes to play alot, doesn't mind being walked on a leash (will be an indoor cat), affectionate, intelligent, not too independent because my son doesn't want a cat that will not need him.

Not sure what else I should be looking for. Is there anyone out there who can help me???

Thank you.
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You will even find purebreds there, and there is no mistaking the love of a cat towards the human who rescued it from an existence so bleak.....
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Hi Scarlet and welcome to the forums!

Congrats on getting a cat. I think it's very wise to think about what kind of cat.

For starters, I think that 2 cats is better and easier than one cat (as they keep each other company). If you're sure you only want one cat, then ask at the shelters if they cats who need to be an only cat.

You have to remember that you are about to introduce another member to your family that will be with you for the next 20 years or so. He or she will probably not fit your description to the letter. Finding a cat that likes to walk on a leash is not easy, though some cats are easier to train. The cat may develop health or behaviour problems at the very beginning or later on. He may become aggressive, scratch your furniture, soil your carpets etc etc. You have to be ready for these things and be prepared to stick by your cat come good or bad. Problems can be solved but you have to be willing to work with the cat and not get mad.

All this said, I think you've made the right decision. Take your time about it. Visit shelters where you live and see the cats. Talk to the people there and get more feedback here.

Best of luck and we're here for any questions or just to share your experience.
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I agree with checking out the shelters. At my local humane society, they have a "get acquainted" room where you can take a kitten to see how it interacts with you. You don't mention how old your son is, but if this is his first animal, be cautious with a new kitten. If he is overzealous about being near the new baby all the time, it might affect its behavior toward him.

This is probably just an old wives' tale, but both my vet and a variety of people at the humane society have told me that orange tabbies have good personalities, as far as cats go. You won't hear me arguing with them, because both of mine are orange!

Good luck with your search!
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I've had a number of cats, and I have to say the friendliest I've had were an orange tabby male and a male red point siamese. I got the siamese at the Humane Society. I now have females, and they are not as people friendly as my males were. I've heard from a number of people that calicos are a bit tempermental. I would recommend going to a Humane Society or shelter to see what they have. With the older cats, you can really get an idea of their personality. Plus, most already come neutered or spayed so it'll save you that operation in the future. Good luck. Cats are definately an experience!

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