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Awwww sweeet baby Serenity, you are so georgeous, and precious...... I can see why you mama is so happy all the time.....she gets to see that sweet smile everyday........

Just don't pick on Sierra too much......

Both your girls are absolutly georgeous are so very lucky
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What wonderful photos of your precious little girl! She's gorgeous!
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Cute pictures Steph!
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Serenity is a precious little and scritches to big sis sweet sierra also!!
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awww Baby Serenity - you are such a beautiful little girl ; a perfect addition to your Mommy's kitty family.

She looked so sorry for herself after her vaccination - good to see that she got over it and is back to her normal self again.

So glad that you got your own thread - makes you feel just like your big sister Sierra doesn't it!
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Wow, Steph! Your little girl is growing up, and is she ever a doll!
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You have two gorgeous babies....
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What a cutie..thanks for showing us..
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Serenity is gorgeous! Thanks for showing us these photos. Keep them coming.
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I was wondering when we would see more pictures of her. She is turning into an adorable young cat. Looks like she chose a good home with you and Sierra.
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Stephanie, you forgot the cuteness warning!!

Look at your precious little girl, she's growing up so fast! Such a beautiful young lady!
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Awwwww, she is so gorgeous, Steph! I hope she is getting on well with Sierra.
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Wow! You guys are so great! Thank you so much, Lei, Sarah, Chris, Pat, Colleen, Tracy, Mackenzie, Amy, Laureen, Eileen, Pam, Ashley, Lacey, MA, Lisa, DMG, Karen, Bridget, Ryan, Sandra, Beth, Fran, Sharky, Fran, RN, Linda, Kata, Linda, and Jenn! Serenity's Mommy's heart is absolutely glowing!:
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So it should be, Stephanie! Your girls are simply gorgeous!
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Aaaaaaaawwwww she's just soooooo adorable! I love her colourings
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I love her belly.. I just want to rub it! shes so adorable!!
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OMG I just saw this thread! Steph she is absolutely the most adorable, precious little girl!!! All the pictures just made my heart melt and all I could say was "awwwww"

Thank you SO much for sharing these pics with us!
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF
Oh my goodness, Serenity is sooo beauitful! I'm so happy she now has a thread of her own; I'm a subscriber for sure!!!
Me, too!
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