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Baby Serenity!

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Serenity has been wanting her very own special thread, so here is my precious little baby!

We'll start with a few of her baby pictures when she first adopted us!

Playing with her mouse!

Such a prissy little girl with her sweet hands crossed!

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She has so much fun in a bag, and here she is in an envelope in which she had received a special suprise!

Serenity loves her mouse from her Aunty Chris, and this one is so cute of her playing with Sierra's honeysuckle pillow!

Good thing Sierra had long ago lost interest in her little bed, because Serenity has claimed it as hers!

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Serenity felt so poorly after her vaccinations.

What a big smile she has!

This is Serenity's favorite position to sleep! Isn't she so precious!

Serenity is such a loving, adorable baby!
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Awwwww , Serenity you are adorable little girl
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Awwww! Just look at her!

She has grown so much! I just love all the pictures, I can't choose a favourite! Awwwww!
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Very cute!!!
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Stephanie I was just thinking that I hadn't seen any recent pictures of your baby, I'm so glad you posted them - she's gorgeous!
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Thank you so much, Julianne, Sarah, Jane, and Clare!
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Oh my good grief Stephanie!!. How precious is Serenity in ALL of those pictures

I have to say though the ones of her asleep on her back and in Sierras bed thats she's now claimed as hers are my favourite!

And those sleepy yawns are just so precious!.

Ooooooh i could eat her up!, but in a nice way
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Awww Kisses and whisker rubs to that sweet face in the last picture. (I can`t resist a kitty "sleeping -cute"!) She is a beautiful cat!
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Yeah, about time Serenity got her own thread! She's grown so much!

I bet she's spoiled, too!
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Oh my, she just keeps getting more and more gorgeous!! Serenity you are just so precious!!! I want to that little tummy!!
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Thank you, Susan!

Yes, Linda, I just love watching her sleep!

Of course, she's spoiled rotten, Jan!

Kisses right back to you, Diane!
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Stephanie...I am madly in love with Serenity. Her face is so sweet and her colors are absolutely beautiful.
Your sweet baby is now an official TCS kitty, with her own thread.
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I must say she is one of the sweetest kitties I have seen - her colourings are just sooo beautiful! I love that gorgeous big cheeky grin of hers!! You must be very proud, Stephanie - she's lucky she found such a wonderful meowmy!!
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Serenity! It is so wonderful to see you have your very own special thread!!! Look at how big you have become thanks to your Mommy's special care You are such a pretty girl. Do you still nap in Sierra's tent?
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She is one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen...very stunning and she looks to be full of the dickens!
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Stephanie, I can only echo what the others are saying: she is darling and precious, and I think she is one of the prettiest kitty-cats I've EVER seen. Her colors are just gorgeous.
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Those pics deserve a cuteness alert!
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I was so excited to see that little Serenity has her own thread! How thrilled she must be!

She is just so gorgeous and precious, I loooove her coloring!

Those pictures of her sleeping are so darling, how do you ever get anything done with such sweet babies? I would be playing with them all day long!

Can't wait to see MORE pictures soon!
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Hands-down one of the most precious kittens I have ever, EVER seen! 'Course, I have a soft spot for those dilute torties .

Those pictures of her after her spay-awwww! Bless her little heart . She looks pooped!
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what a beauty - i can't wait to see how much more beautiful she becomes as she grows up!
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Awww, Stephanie, Serenity is such an adorable little girl. I just want to snuggle her and kiss her all over! Thanks for the darling pictures of your baby.
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What a beautiful little girl you are, Serenity! She looks just like my Chaynal when she sleeps! Its so hard to resist those fluffy little bellies!
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Shoulda had a cuteness warning!!!

She's so beautiful, such gorgeous markings and such a sweet looking little face!
You can see her sweet disposition through the photos.
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I have to say, I think Serenity is one of my favorite kitties on the site! (Not that all aren't beautiful!) I have a tortie and white, Marlee, and when I adopted her she was in a cage with her mom and siblings, one of who looked so much like your Serenity! I wanted to get them both so much, but Marlee just stole my heart. I hope to see even more pics! (By the way Sierra is a cutie too!!)
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Oh my goodness, Serenity is sooo beauitful! I'm so happy she now has a thread of her own; I'm a subscriber for sure!!!
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I'm so glad you decided to keep her! She is a honey!
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Hi Baby Serenity! Your such a adorable little girl!! I always love the picture of you in your mommy's signature and the "big smile" pics are my favorite. So cute!!
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Stephanie, she is adorable! Out of all those darling photos, the one of Serenity in the envelope is my favorite.
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