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Bent tail?

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Pubah's tail was bent when he was born, and it still hasn't straightend out.... is this normal? It's bent right near the tip... almost like a spiral.... his tail looks small and stubby because of the bend....compared to the rest of his long body.... he is already trying to walk... hes almost got it.. so I'm not worried that its affecting that.

Something I have to share, just because it's so cute ... Well Pubah is at the stage now where he likes to play, and wave his paws at you.... He will usually try to swat at me , but when I go to give him kisses on his cute little pink nose, he doesn't swat at me.. he likes kisses... and the cutest think about it is that it makes him fall asleep!! He'll be on his back kicking and playing and as soon as I start kissing him he falls right off to sleep... It's almost like it hypnotizes him! I love him soo much! I'm so thankful Sozo had a kitten!
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Since he isnt that old I would wait it out.It might straighten as he grows bigger or it might just be a little birth defect. Sozo only had one kitten!!!!! never heard of such a thing he must be super special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If he was born with it, it is probably just a congenital deformity and not a big deal. It's not "normal" per se but it doesn't necessarily mean there is anything else wrong with him. If he is doing well and hitting milestones on schedule, then I think you have a normal kitten with a somewhat strange tail who will be just fine.
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I got three kittens from the same litter for my sister and one of them's tail is a Z shape. Nothing wrong with the kitten otherwise, and she's had him all summer. I think it's kinda neat (since it doesn't seem to hurt or bother him otherwise). What makes us unique......
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My Louie has a three bends in his tail, we noticed a few days after he was born. He is now a little over 5 months and he is as normal and healthy as can be, it's probably a little birth defect and it's nothing to worry about.
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I have 3 also that have a bend in there tails, one had a real big bend bout midway in the tail, its really bent
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