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Please help!

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I would get new roomates!:tounge2: KIDDING.....

Tell us the long story about why you don't wanna get her fixed.... we have time...:tounge2:
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Hi everyone! I've been having a few problems with my 2 year old, female bermese cat,Leech (we named her that because she catches people's clothes as the pass by and won't let go!). I am fine with the way she behaves, but my roomates don't understand that a cat is a cat and it's been causeing quite a few fights, they've even asked me to find a new home for her, which I refuse to do, of course! The main problem is that she scratches at thier bedroom door at night. She esed to be allowed in the room, but they moved in 3 months ago and now she is not allowed in and I think she's confused. They yell and scream at her, and don't believe me that it's not the way to make her stop. Now it's become an attention-getting game for her, but they won't hust ignore it until she learns that she doesn't get her way if she misbehaves. I've read that double sided sticky tape helps, but that would ruin the door, so is there another way? I refuse to get her declawed! She will also dash into the room and hide any chance she gets. The other big problem is that she howls all night long. Mostly when everyone first goes to bed. She is not fixed, but I'd rather not do that, long story..... It's not just when she's in heat, its all the time. There was another cat living with us and she started acting like this after she left. I can't get another cat though, and I've treid everything to get her to stop crying: leaving lights on, ignoring her, and scolding her. She's allowed in my room, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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There is a product called Sticky Paws that is like double sided tape but it's not supposed to leave marks on what you stick it on. It's available in pet stores so you can check out the labeling to see if it's safe for your doors. Also, there are various sprays (one that I can think of is Feliway) that are supposed to discourage cats from scratching and spraying surfaces. You can look at online pet stores or bricks and mortar stores to see which one might work for you (i.e. one that can be sprayed on doors).
Spaying/neutering does often have a calming effect on cats but you have said not to get into that so...
I'm glad that you're not considering declawing. The details of what the surgery entails are gruesome. An alternative is to use Soft Paws -caps that fit over a cat's claws. With the claws covered, the cat can't do a lot of damage.
I know I sound like an add for all cat products, but I've never used any of these items! I have, however, heard of others using them with success.
One more thought - is it possible to keep the cat in your room at night? Maybe she's just looking for some company.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the information Vicky, I will try those suggestions! I have tried to keep her in my room, and moved in her food, water and litterbox, but she puts up such a fit that I have to let her out! Fist she cries, then scratches at the door, then she starts to knock over things, then starts all over again! For now, I just let her come in and go out as she pleases...
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I like the new roomates suggestion.

Why dont you leave your door open at night, so instead of going to your roomates rooms, she can come and go in and out of your room if she wants company.

If there is more to it than that, then I guess you just need a little patience and tell your roomates to give it a break!!! How can anyone be mean to a little kitty?????
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