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Hi All!

I just wanted to educate people a little bit about what a LaPerm cat is!

The LaPerm is a fairly new breed and what makes the LaPerm stand apart from other breeds is it's unique and distinctive short-long curly coat. The coat can be vary from wavy to corkscrew curls to long ringlets and the coat is a no matting coat that is known to be "Lesser Shedding". Since the coat is similar to a poodle coat the curl holds the coat in, making this a lesser shedding breed and allergy friendly although not completely hypoallergenic(no cat is).

Setting aside the unique curly coat of the LaPerm, the breed is known for it's intelligent doglike temperament, one that is inquistive and loves humans.

The LaPerm can be born curly coated, straight coated or bald. A bald kitten will start to grow a curly coat anytime between 1 week-4months old, a straight coat born with curly whiskers may occasionally go bald and grow in a curly coat or develope a curly coat although this is very rare. Kittens born with a curly coat will go bald at least once, usually closer to birth but sometimes later up to one year of age. When the coat comes back in, it is generally considerably curlier than the birth coat.

The LaPerm is very easy to manage in terms of care! You should never blowdry or brush a LaPerm, because just like with a human head of curls or permed hair it will frizz. The best technique for the coat is to wash in only conditioners and let air dry. After dry you may use spray on conditioner or gels to scrunch the coat for more distinctive and separated curls. The LaPerm can come in any color.

The LaPerm is definately a wonderful breed to own and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.

Martine Sansoucy