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What should I do?

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I am in a quandry with my cats. Any opinions or thoughts woulld be greatly appreciated.
Pearl is very shy, and spends a lot of time in the closet. She is much more sociable than she used to be, but at 5 years old, I am afraid it is probably as good as it gets. She loves to get petted and combed, but will run away if the other cats come around.
Scooter is constantly trying to play with her, and then Pepper wants to play, too. I think they are just trying to play, I would hate to think they are purposely tormenting her.They chase her every time they see her come out of her closet. When I came home after my weekend trip, Pearl had peed and pooped under my buffet, so they must have had her cornered for quite some time, judging from the amount.
I have alway intervened and chased Scooter and Pepper away from Pearl, but today I tried letting them sort it out. I think maybe it was the wrong thing to do. Pearl is not going to change, and the others have each other, so they should leave her alone. I do not want the progress she has made to set back because she is unhappy.
I am going to try a Feliway, but any suggestions would be welcome.
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Isn't there ANY place bigger than the closet (like a room with a door) where she can live in peace, but not like that? You've just let her become a victim, and it really doesn't seem right.
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Maybe if you have to go away again, you can shut her in a separate room with a litterbox. My Festie likes her time alone, and loves to play in a closet for a short time. She also seems to enjoy being shut in our bedroom away from the other cats when I am at work all day. I don't let her stay separated very often, but it is kind of like a little treat for her. (I know I can use some alone time, too.)

Maybe try to find other ways (than the closet) that Pearl can have time where she isn't pestered by the other cats. And when they are together, unless they are harming her, let them work it out.
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Sounds like sweet Pearl prefers a solitary life. I would put essentials (food, water, litterbox) near where she prefers to hang out/hide, so she feels safer. Maybe consider making one room hers for when you're not home, and let her out when you get home. It sounds like she would actually possibly PREFER that. I have a friend that has a kitty that doesn't enjoy other cats' company, and they have a setup like I've mentioned. This way, you could also take Beckiboo's advice (which I thought was great), and she can just be in her room while you're gone for any length of time, though I would just have it be EVERY time you're gone. It sounds like your other kitties aren't getting the hint, and just won't leave her alone, like she wishes, so you're going to have to provide an environment she can feel safe in, as opposed to the target she undoubtedly feels like right now.

You might even consider just having her in there by herself all the time, and having the door closed. She might even just like a closet or something like that.

Is this a workable solution? I'm just worried that poor Pearl is becoming a feral (she is right now to other cats, but she'll become that way toward people, too), and the only way to prevent that is by giving her space of her own, where she can feel safe.
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