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questions about my new siamese

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hey vikki,
thanks a lot. Well it seems like she's doing a lot better now. She comes out by her self now, i dont have to go get her or anything like that. and she also wonders around the house more. so thanks for your reply i really appreciate it. liz
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Hi, i just got a siamese about 3 days ago, one of the many reasons I considered getting a siamese was because i was under the impression that they dont shed that much hair, but she seems to be shedding quite a bit, I go over her coat with a damp cloth to remove loose hair and it seems like it works, but i keep finding hair all over my couch. so I'm not sure what else I can do to eliminate hair loss. And another question is that she never comes out of her hiding place during the day, i dont know if she's hiding because she is probablly still kind of intimidated, or she is just taking a looong nap. and when we do take her out she is affraid of any little noise she hears like the phone or the doorbell, she runs and hides or just digs her self under the pillow. But she could be very active at night, just before I go to sleep. I dont understand why she could be very active an night, and during the day she is terrified of every little noise, and wont even come out.
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Since you've only had your kitty for a few days, she definitely could still be in an adjustment period. It takes some cats weeks to be comfortable enough to boldly venture out. Every so often, you can try to entice her out of hiding with some treats or toys. Cats are by nature nocturnal, so you might just need to see if you can adjust her schedule to yours. Sometimes I still hear my cat running about in the middle of the night. He likes to nap a lot during the day so I usually try to exercise (entertain) him right before I go to sleep so he's not too bored at night. Boredom equals mayhem to things not nailed down in my place!
Has your cat been checked out by a vet recently? Was she vaccinated recently (sometimes cats can be a little less active after certain shots)? As long you see evidence that your cat is using the litter box, eating and drinking, then she's probably just getting used to things. Cats have amazing bladder control when they want to and can even go a few days without eating; however, if after the three days that you've had her there are signs that she isn't active at all and isn't going about daily 'activities', you may want to take her to a vet to be sure there aren't any health issues.
I don't know about Siamese hair qualities but there are others on this board who have Siamese who can probably help you.
I hope your purrball adjusts well .
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